Krita crashes when saving

Every time I try saving my file on Krita, it crashes. Everything else is working fine up until I try to save. I just lost my paintings autosave option which is really crappy. But Id like to know how to fix it in the future. Im really getting a headache trying to figure this out lol

Please go to Help -> Show system information for bug reports, copy everything and paste to, then click Create new Paste and give us a link.

Also please try to get a crash log. What system you are on? If it’s Windows, please try this:

Also do your images contain reference images? Do you save as .kra or another format?

Also an important question: are you using nightly builds? Early last week the Windows builders for the nightlies were moved a state-of-the-art AMD CPU and now the nightly builds are broken: they use newer processor instructions than are available on most CPU’s, and we’re working on trying to find a workaround.