Krita Crashes

Im using version 4.2.8 desktop version for Win 10 x64 bits. I saved a file and software crashes when I try o open it again. I downloaded the portable version and it could open the file… any idea of why this is happening?

4.2.1 is pretty old, please use the latest version from the website or the windows store, :smile:

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Y type it bad, actually is 4.2.8

It would be a mystery why the installed Windows package of 4.2.8 crashed on opening a file while the portable .zip package for 4.2.8 didn’t crash.
Did you try re-installing 4.2.8 with a freshly downloaded installer from the krita website? (This doesn’t solve any problem except for a corrupted installation.)
Can you post a download link to your ‘bad’ .kra file?