Krita doesn't meet requirements for good animations

Krita fits for some sketchy stuff like telepurte does. Only.
Because it doesn’t have an important thing " bucket tool : Auto close gaps". It’s critical for complex coloring in animation. Other tools can’t replace it. Only fast “Auto close gaps”.
Thats why Krita will never have great examples of beautiful colored animations.

Good point! There is no doubt that Krita lacks some animation features in comparison with other software. But hey, it is developed by a great team of enthusiasts, who don’t even ask you to pay to use it. It doesn’t mean that Krita “will never have great examples of beautiful colored animations”. What it really means is that it needs more time for development just because it is supported by donations only. Besides, Krita’s main selling point (pun intended) is digital painting first and foremost. Things like animation and photo manipulation are implemented to make the program more versatile, while keeping all the attention on easy and professional painting. Sorry, if I sounded confrontational, but I do think that users need to appreciate the kind of software they have for free. Many aspects should be taken into account before saying that Krita will never achieve something.

You say “other tools can’t replace it”, but I bet that when Colorize Mask for animation is finally finished, it will be much faster to use than the bucket tool… sure, everyone has their own preferences, though, I guess.

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Woo… cant wait using colourize mask for animation, but I think @Deif_Lou has been and will be bringing lots of updates to the fill tool such as the continuous fill mode, enclose and fill, anti-overflow, etc. Similar to clip studio pro have. And those upgrades will help in better colouring line art.


There is colorize mask for animation being finished though I know based on your previous post that you doesnt like its work flow. On that end @Deif_Lou had been doing some amazing works for the bucket/fill tool [outside of the two you probably see on the front page here] There was one last year, and there’s another proposal.

There already been discussion for this late last year [a thread you started which birthed a thread I started], which I participated though not for animation but for stills.

Some of @Deif_Lou works and proposal on fill/ bucket tool, I hope that one of this can satisfy what you are looking for;

Enclose and Fill Proposal : Enclose and Fill Tool Proposal
AntiSpill / Overflow Brush Proposal: Proposal: Anti-Spill/Anti-Overflow Option for the Brush Tool
Fill Tool Options Redesign: [Feedback wanted] Fill tool options redesign proposal
Continuous Fill Mode: [Feedback wanted] New Fill Tool's "Continuous Fill" Mode

I hope you dont feel that the devs / community doesn’t see the importance of this feature and is actively discussing and exploring ways to improve the fill tool.

I myself are for this kind of tool and is actively following the development and is thankful to deif_lou who is volunteering his time and skills to improve it.


Sorry for being Off-Topic @Turbinskiy,
but your topic together with your opening post doesn’t meet the requirements for Feature Requests.


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