Krita file won't open!

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to fix this, I really don’t want to start over. So, when I go and click on the file I want to open and continue working in it tries to load, but then I get a pop-up that says it can’t open because of an unknown error and then has a list of could not load embedded reference image 0, and repeats that can’t load message all the way to the number 13 I think. Does anyone know that this means I was literally working on this file last night.? Is there any way to fix the file to get it to open?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you tell us which version number of krita you’re using and which operating system?

Did you actually embed fourteen (numbered 0 - 13) reference images in the .kra file?

If you did, have you done this before with no problem?

If you didn’t, then it is possible to do this accidentally with Ctrl+Shift+R (Edit → Paste As Reference Image).

Have you done anything with it at all that involves reference images?

Whatever the situation, can you make that .kra file available using a link to a file sharing service or website?
Somebody might be able to have a look at it and figure something out.

It sounds to me that you’ve embedded reference images in your .kra file and then moved or deleted one or more of them and krita can’t find them. Try just opening Krita without a file to get to the initial screen. If you can do that or if you can open a different file then you know Krita is OK and there’s a problem with a specific .kra file, namely it can’t find a reference image that was embedded.

Are you using Krita 4 or a Krita 5 beta? Beta releases can do some odd things. They’re previews, not final releases.