Krita for android and number pad

Hello, I have a question about krita for android, i have a samsung galaxy tab s7 fe.

If I buy a BT number pad, would I be able to bind shortcuts to it and use it in Krita?

:slight_smile: Hello @Silvia_Crow, and welcome to the forum!

I can’t say for sure, but I suspect it should work. And if it is possible to link shortcuts to an on-screen keyboard, then I would be almost certain that this will also work with a Bluetooth keyboard.
Let’s see if the forum members more deeply involved in this topic have anything to say about this. @sh-zam; @AxelFar, @CrazyCatBird, do you have any information that can help here?


Yes @Silvia_Crow, i use one in Krita on my Galaxy Note, using custom shortcuts, and works great, just like in PC.


Thank you for the welcome and the answers, I be looking into the number pad then :smiley:

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