Krita for concept art. part 1. Jama Jurabaev presets

The video is ready! wow i hope Jama like it and you all enjoy all the effort.

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Great video! I tried out the brushes tonight and they’re very fun to use and have a wonderful look to them, I’m sure they’ll become part of my regular tools from now on.

it would be cool to see some of these paintings or doodles :wink:

It’s not a lot since I didn’t have much time to draw (it’s just the same doodle with different crushes to test the look) but this weekend I’ll make sure to make something more complete for sure.

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I’m already learning how to use that move tool. It’s just such a great idea, and it works so well without any blurring of the artwork, that I’ll use that a lot in my future artworks. Such a shame it wasn’t me who got that idea :stuck_out_tongue: I won’t be able to publish it in my brushset update, but I’ll have to put a link to it somewhere in its manual for people to learn and use.
Here’s my first try on it: :slight_smile:


@FleshPuzzle nice doodles. Is weird to see how in other style these brushes look but like the idea itself.

@wojtryb I am pretty sure you are going to make incredible things with that.

At the end we use lot of techniques and we are always learning. I like to see Krita not as other brands but a family where we can discover new things and collaborate.
Your answers and sketches make my day because that means my crazy ideas sometimes are useful. Thanks


I love texture on the rocks!


It never occurred to me to use the assistant tools for creating abstract patterns, but your video inspired me and it’s super fun! Especially in combination with a gamut mask. First one only uses the marker brush:

This one also the move brush:

Adding a texture overlay:


wow these are awesome

I’m new to this whole concept art thing. This is a quick one from me.

I like the move brush very much.


This is one of the things I like more. To see how an artist use the brush or tool in another way than expected. Nice

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Hi @Rebecca , inspired by its abstract textures, I decided to test also the use of the wizard with perspectives. The result in a few minutes was this one.

I can only thank @RamonM for the tips in the video.
Much obliged!


It was very good. Inspiring.
I really liked your app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, such possibilities, combining assistants with those brushes, :grin:

These brushes are addictive to say the least :smiley: I am no pro painter, but I’ve been following Jama’s tutorials for a while now. I am a 3D artist / designer, so take everything I say about painting with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

I try to go through the brushes quickly:

Flat and move are as great as they are simple. Effective, fast and reliable.

“Jama_02_Controllable”, read further under “Jama_02_Original”.
The only thing I would have to say other than that about this brush is that it is laggy for me. At work and at home. 32gb Ram, NVidia 1060/1070 and i7 4 core/Ryzen 8 Core, both with SSDs. So no slow systems.

The “Jama_02_Original” round texture brush is my favorite, always loved working with it in PS when Jama released them. It feels great, could just be a tiny bit easier on the hand, I mean heavier black with not as much pressure. A faster activation, so to say. Other than that, it feels awesome. Perfect for loose, gestural work. Here’s just a random example what I tested out. Want to get more into painting again.

Pencil and Dirty flat are not really my brushes of choice but they feel good. Mixer brushes are great also.

TLDR; All in all I think you are on the right way and I am happy to see Krita moving forward, it has a ton of potential.

I think Krita is perfectly capable for Concept Art. “Just a little bit rough around the edges”, meaning the UI and UX and also the performance could do a little better. But that is not hindering people from doing great work with it. A better option to liquify should be in Krita also. I think it all could be done with enough funds and good input from industry pros like Jama.


Having used the brushes some more, I also really love the “02 original” and the “03 flat”. They are a nice addition to the oil brushes from Digital Atelier and I’m definitely going to keep them in my favourite tag. :smiley:

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@Rebecca glad you like it. your experiments looks interesting. and what they generetes in other minds also interesting.

@TheFlow Thanks for the extensive feedback. It helps a lot when i read how people that use these brushes react to this. cool :smiley: i will review the laggy brushes to see how can improve them if it is possible . About liquify i know this could be better so mabe if Krita get more funds and people is interested , this feature could be more interesting to be implemented.
Aboutyour picture looks good. I would like to see more to see how other people use these new brushes. But i see future in this. :wink:

Who is the next pro artist you would like to see ?

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@RamonM btw. have you heard back from him?

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No, i think he is involved in another project. These days are a bit complicated for working stuff. Maybe in more time. Anyway i am trying to contact more artists so expect more things in 2020 :wink:

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I am subscribed to his Patreon and yesterday or two days ago he wrote everyone a message that he’s taking a sabbatical (time off for personal stuff) to learn some things he wanted to learn for some time, so probably we’ll hear not much from him in the next weeks or even months. :slight_smile: