Krita freezes a lot


I’m using Krita on my Huion Kamvas 22 plus attached to my MSI Intel Core i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00 GHz with 8 GB RAM. Working on Windows 10, and all are updated and have the recent drivers.

When I work in Krita, I don’t use large files (2400px square) or brushes (under 100 px) but often Krita keeps freezing. Like it has much trouble calculating rendering and such. Between 15 and 30 seconds, it suddenly unfreezes and I can work again, until it freezes again. This is such a hassel in my workflow to a point I don’t like working with it, all though I do like the software without freezing.

Is there something I can do to keep it from freezing on me?

thank you in advance.

Does it happen in a constant interval, like every five minutes? Then it could be just that the auto save takes some time when your project is big and/or your drive is slow. You could disable auto save or change the interval in the settings.

8 GB RAM is not much nowadays, my phone has more, for example. I could imagine that other programs are running too. Windows alone will take around 3 GB and more of your RAM (just doing nothing). When RAM is full the system will start swapping data from the RAM to the hard drive which is a very slow process and can make Krita lag or temporarily freeze. You can allow Krita to use more RAM in the programs performance settings. Your CPU seems fine for Krita alone but it’s hard to tell what is going on on your computer. A look into the task managers performance tab could indicate that some other programs hog all the CPU and RAM.

We recently had another similar post where 50 % of RAM where used by Windows and the other 50% were used by Chrome, Microsoft Teams (mainly) and other programms, simply leaving Krita with not enough resources to work properly.

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Thank you for the feedback, I also use chrome, so maybe that’s the thing too.

I will look into things and see if it will help.

It’s easy to forget that the computer does other things at the same time, not just running the application that’s currently in full screen. When I’m rendering a scene in Blender, even on my powerful workstation with 24 cores and 32 GB of RAM, I can’t even watch a YouTube video without lag let allone work in Krita.

When Krita lags/freezes less when everything else is turned off, it’s a good indicator that there were not enough resources for Krita to work properly.

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