Krita icon wont load?

it displays a blank page icon instead. how do i fix this?

:slight_smile: Hello @Kiisa, and welcome to the forum!

Which Krita icon is not loading where? Could you please help us out, locating your issue?

Is it an icon on any of the Krita related web pages? Probably not, or?

Or is it the Krita icon in the title bar of the Krita window that is not loading, is it the Krita icon of the tabs, or the one of the sub-windows, or is it the icon which is displayed in the taskbar of your operating system for the running Krita program? Then I would have the icon in the quick launch area, the one on the desktop, and finally I can think of the icon which is hidden to a software in the menu sub-menus behind the start button of the different operating systems, is it one of them?

You see, to get a meaningful answer to a question, one should give the question as much information as necessary for an answer. Otherwise, there can be only uncomprehending counter-questions, and until the possible solution of your difficulties at least one unnecessary counter-question phase passes, namely this one! :wink:

So if you would formulate your question more precisely and add to it, to the question, the additional information that is almost always needed and expected here in the forum, which would be which version of Krita and which operating system you use, like when or in which situation does your problem occur, and how does it manifest itself? And with an issue like yours a screenshot would also be very helpful, at least I assume this.
And if you have difficulties with English, you could use the translation service or the one from Microsoft called Bing Translator or even Google Translator for assistance, many here do, and it helps with understanding and to get help.

Better use a wordy explanation/question describing the topic in question than an SMS-style text or even slang that only a certain community uses and whose meaning only they know.
This is an international forum with users from all over the world, representing probably all cultures and ages, ranging from teens to people in great-grandparents-age.


ADD: Which just occurred to me, is it the icons on your toolbars that you miss?


its not that i have difficulties, but at the time the word was slipping my mind and i dont think i could describe it like that to google

yes, it is the computer toolbar icon that wont load


Have you recently updated to Windows 11? This usually occurs when the legacy .url shortcut file format, who’s use was discontinued in Windows 11 and some versions of 10 iirc, and it gets disconnected from its “default application”.

If you click the start menu and search for ‘default’, there should be a ‘default apps’ option. On that page, search for the filetype ‘.url’ and assign it to ‘internet browser’

If it’s not a .url and instead it’s a .lnk, and you’re on Windows 10, try rebuilding your icon cache. There’s a handy script for it. Be sure to read over the source of .bat files you download from the internet before running them.

If neither of those work, could you let me know if the Krita .exe itself has an icon? By default the .exe can be found in C:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\bin