Krita is stuck in big screen and the manues wont open

i was trying to clibrate pen sensetivity and asked a frind thats familier with photoshop for help and after a few minutes they called me and i saw that krita is stuck in big screen (the x botton is not visible) and non of the manues is responsive. the titles do get blue when i click on them but the manues themselves wont show up.

i noticed a cople more things:
-ctrl+z does not preform undo and when i try it a square apperes on the screen
-pen sensetivity isnt working

  • does not respond to ctrl+alt+shift for configuration.

i use windows 10 on a lenovo laptop, i downloaded the 64-bit version 4.2.9

if anybody has any idea or tip thanks in advance

It sounds like you are in full screen mode. Press the TAB key and see if that helps. The TAB key is the default shortcut to the “show canvas only” mode, which is similar to full screen and it shows the title bar like you described.

Also, if your shortcuts are not behaving properly check the assignments at Settings>>Configure Krita>>Keyboard Shortcuts.

Instead of Tab try also Ctrl+Shift+F, that will exit full-screen mode.

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