Krita is the best painting program for me now.

Hello Krita community

I just want to say thank you to everyone who is working on Krita or helping to make krita better. The amount of features is just awesome in krita.

Small example: Yesterday I learned that with the HSY color picker you can easily compare the values with other colors and saturation. I see now, HSY is just great! I miss this feature for example in Artrage. The available color picker HSL in ArtRage gives me wild value differences when I select different color and saturation, even if the value is not changed in the picker. I compared it via the greyscale color profile via softproofing.

Other features I find so valuable that make krita unique for me:
It is also available for macOS, seamless pattern and fill, layer clone, rgba smudge engine, the mesh transform tool, how the perspective tool works, all the brushes from the community, the big community :grinning:
And a lot more!

What feature is unique to krita for you? Let me know :grin:

Thanks and painterly regards, Varg


The things I like most about Krita;
is that it simple to mess around with. Like making new workspaces and brushes, along with importing bundles for brushes.
It updates at the right time for me, usually.

I prefer it because it’s simpler and, if you can’t, you don’t have to spend money. (I’m not saying that as in ‘Oh hahaha free app! No money for them, hehe!’.)

I also like the seamless patterns as well, they are quite nice.

Have fun painting, @Varg!


I have always loved Krita since I found about it some years ago but never really stuck to it although it was already pretty amazing. The new 5.beta has me finally hooked completely. If I had to name the worst thing about it: It’s such a time sink :smiley: I just can’t stop creating brushes and sketches and animations and trying out the 1 billion layer blend modes. I highly recommend using the latest experimental build, because it sometimes crashes and then you can go back to the real world again… :crazy_face:
(also the t-shirt I got from a kickstarter was a little short lived. My washing machine ate Kiki as a whole. that would be the second worst thing :slight_smile: )

I have also finally taken the time to adjust all the shortcuts to my personal likings. Having dedicated easy to reach keys for color HSVO adjustments makes such a difference

I’m with you @Varg
thanks devs and thanks tool/asset creators


In my opinion, the best thing about Krita is all of you, an active and friendly community of users.

Krita is a great program, but honestly I paint mostly in MyPaint. Infinite canvas and a few good brushes is all I really need, and it’s hard to let go of my custom shortcuts that I’ve been using for ten years or so. I do miss a transform tool though.

So I guess the ability to select, move and scale parts of images is my favorite feature of Krita. :slight_smile:


I think the biggest strength with Krita is a combination of two factors related to its open-source status;

  • A development team that is very responsive to user feedback and engages with the community.

  • It’s a very flexible and customisable program, with many user-coders creating plugins for expanded functionality.

I’m at a point now where I’m using Krita almost exclusively - I’ve always used a combination before. I only sometimes switch to GIMP for certain editing functions e.g. for text (because Krita text tool can take a long walk off a short cliff…) :upside_down_face:


@ogonek since you mention HSV keybindings, could you go into how you use them? I happened to try them yesterday and abandoned the idea since it turns out changing the value is destructive : since the endpoints are white and black, it changes saturation as well as value. So if you increase value, you can’t get back to the same colour again by decreasing it by the same amount.

At least as far as I can tell - how do you use these controls?

Edit: sorry, I originally addressed the wrong person here, need more coffee…

Krita has also been the best paint program for me. [and i do have access to csp]

It so easy to just pop a canvas and start sketching, the first time i found krita i manage to create a - at that time one of my best works and some really pretty butterflies using the dirty blocker brush.

It made me want to just draw. I have tried some other program like csp and nothing felt home as much as krita. It has its drawback - but its overall the software I enjoyed the most.


Yes!!! :frowning: That’s the catch for me too right now. If you ever end up with white or black then it’s over. And if the colour gets completely desaturated you can’t change the hue value anymore. In fact it resets to blue. I get the logic behind it, so maybe that would be more of a feature request than a bug report. The way I’d like it to behave is so that Krita would remember the hue of the colour that was last active before it went black/white/grey so you don’t get stuck.

anyways. I got somewhat around that problem by just decreasing the step size for each key.
Go to settings/configure krita → colour selector settings, change the docker dropdown to hotkeys
it eases the pain a lot.

now if i ever reach a dead end, I’ll just pick a nearby colour or use the popup palette to pick a recent one.


I can live with that

(I also like the colour wheel docker to be active, so I can actually see where my active colour is positioned in the triangle)

It truly is becoming a serious painting program, with competitive brush engines challenging other softwares on the market. But I wish Krita was more supported. I wish Adobe funded Krita just like they did with Blender this year. I also wish Krita’s development was more focused on “painting” primarily, and “design” secondarily, at least starting from 2022 or 2023. Lots of efforts and wishes already pushed it to have some of the design tools currently available : gradient maps, lots of great filters, some useful selection tools(although buggy a bit, even as I’m writing right now), layer styles, arrangement and alignment functions which only work with vectors for now… Such is the effort on the design side of the program.
For some reason, I can’t remove design from painting. Your painting can’t be good without good design. In my opinion at least.

Now, there’s optimization too. And Krita still has lots of room for it.

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It seems to me that you are using the word “design” in two different ways here. First you talk about technical tools like maps and filters, then you talk about the design of a painting, which I assume is the placement of items and characters in the image so that they look pleasing to the eye.

The design of a painting is nothing that a program should do for you, it’s something that is done in your head.
In my opinion, a painting focused program only needs good brushes, maybe layers and selection tools. All of it things that you said are already there. What does it matter that there are other tools available too? I’m sure there are plugins that can hide those features if you don’t want to see them.

I’m not trying to knock down on what you say, I just don’t understand what you mean. Perhaps you could say which features you wish the developers focused on instead of the ones you wish they didn’t focus on. :slight_smile:


Considering what @novames00 is talking about, I’m pretty sure they meant “painting first and design second” as “don’t focus just on painting but focus a bit on design, too”. In my personal opinion, pixel art will come as a goal much earlier than graphics design. For Pixel art we just need a new good brush engine, and for graphics design there is still plenty of things to do. Better to leave this kind of stuff to Gimp, Scribus and Inkscape…


Hm, yeah maybe. It seemed that the post said “There’s too much focus on design tools”. :slight_smile:


@ogonek @hulmanen
Does not Pigmento solve that for you? I really think I solved that issue but I never tested it out with the shortcuts to be really sure.

I haven’t tried! I will, though.

@Eyeodin: It does fix it! Took a few minutes to figure out how to use it and what to map the buttons to, but with keys mapped to HSL 3 plus/minus, the lightness can be adjusted up and down just as one would expect. Very nice.

Only thing is… I don’t suppose there’s any way to display a preview of the colour next to the cursor? I almost always paint with the interface hidden, so this leaves me adjusting the colour blind. This isn’t a Pigment.O issue specifically, of course.

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Nobody will think about a plugin, just to hide useful features that you personally think are useless.
There’s a community here and a world around it. And in this world, I know at least, that there exist people focusing on game art. They’re game artists. And there’s 100% luck that game artists need to assist their work with design even if they use mainly digital painting to express a concept.
When I say aligning elements in your painting, there are things that should come to your mind. Things like Even Alignment, Repetition, Even Spacing, Proximity, Typography and typographic hierarchy, symmetry or asymmetry, scale and size… It’s not : painting on a canvas, and thinking about how to compose and arrange elements like if they were captured in a scene. It’s more : having a nice sheet layout with neatly arranged elements on it to make your presentation good.
Now, I said gradient maps. Gradient maps are super useful to quickly assign a range of colors to targeted parts on a layer or group of layers, and thus can serve in the case of flexibility with colors. Are you sure you’d call this useless for instance ?
Another thing : halftone filter.
Halftone filters allow you to show colors in a grid of dots and help you save ink when you print your art, other than helping you for a specific design need if you’re creative.
You think it’s useless too ?

More few questions. Have you already seen the content of many film/game artbooks and wondered how they arrange the concept artworks in it to create really good appeal ? For instance, do you have Manga FX magazines, or some Blizzard or Square Enix artbooks ?

Anyway. I hope you do not hate design, I really hope you don’t. It’d simply be dire if it’s the case. Hope you get it now. Have a good day/night.

I think for me, the biggest feature is their HSI Artistic Color Palette. It is a game changer. It shows the exact value of the colors as perceived through human eyes. It is similar to HSY color model.

The color palette is extremely useful in deciding which direction to take while painting color shifts.

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I will keep it in mind for once I know how to render on screen it is one of the things I want to know how but everyone seems to do it different and I haven’t found the common dominator for it.

But I am glad it works I was not even sure.

That would be very nifty, also because it’s currently a little hard to compare colours being picked to a color on the canvas. My hack has been to use the quick color selector, bound to shift-Q , and place it so the color square where it shows the chosen colour is placed next to the are I want to compare to…

Although, it now occurs to me that I haven’t tried if keyboard shortcuts can be used without closing the pop up color selector. That would do the trick.

No, I don’t hate design. It’s part of what I do for a living. But I wouldn’t think of doing desktop publishing stuff in Krita. For such things I use Inkscape, and sometimes InDesign.

In your first post it seemed that you wished that developers focused more on painting tools and less on design tools. Now, english is not my first language, and maybe not yours either? Perhaps it’s because of the language barrier that we talk each other.