Krita lagging terribly

Hello! I’ve been using Krita for a few years now and ran into a problem last night. The application began running terribly slow, when I use the overview it lags, moving a layer takes a few seconds to move, there’s a huge delay with brush strokes. Overall I can’t really use it right now because of the issue. The odd thing is, when I tried fixing it using configure krita, it runs smoothly…but only when I’m fixing the settings. I’ve tried change certain settings but nothing really seems to help. Any help would be great! Thanks!

:slight_smile: Hello @Falcostitan and welcome to the forum!

Since you seem to have been able to use Krita for years without these delays, something must have changed in your system. Since software like Krita does not change on its own, the problem affects Krita, but it is not Krita that is the cause, it is this change. We have to find out what is the cause.
It is often the case that a driver or system update has taken place in such incidents, have you noticed anything like that?
How big is the image in pixels as well as in megabytes, how much RAM has your PC?

Please tell us which operating system and which version of Krita you are using, in case of issues like this it would be great if it would be possible for you to show the situation with a small video, you can upload it, depending on the size, here or e.g. on YouTube.

Sorry, that’s a lot of questions, I know.


This is a computer translation am busy right now, please excuse. I’ll check back later, maybe others can step in to help or have additional ideas, things I may have overlooked.

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Thanks for helping me out! I haven’t noticed anything with driver or system updates.
I use the the most recent updated Krita (although I just updated it a few hours ago to see if that would help the issue but it didn’t) and I use windows 10 on a surface pro.
Regarding your other questions I uploaded a video, I’m not the best with my words, mainly with technical stuff.

Thanks once again!

To be clear, you didn’t update to a new version of Krita before this started happening?

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Nono I updated Krita to see if it would resolve the lagging.

So you’ve been using Krita 5.x for a long time, or did you update from 4.x to 5 to see if that solves the lagging? Or have you only had these delays since you started using Krita 5 versions? By the way, very few problems in or with Krita can be solved by reinstalling Krita, but I’ll save you the trouble of explaining that.

From what I can see, my next question is whether you have “Stabilizer” set/selected in “Brush Smoothing”, perhaps?


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I updated from 4 to 5 to see if it would resolve the lag. And no I do not have the stabilizer on currently

There was a Windows update that went out on Tuesday…didn’t affect Krita here…I’m on a Dell XPS 15 not a Surface Pro though…

May not even be the issue, but just saying…

Are those icons on the system panel (at the bottom) running applications or pinned applications? (I always get confused about that with Win 10.)
If they’re running applications then that would explain the slow response.
It wouldn’t explain why the lag came in with 5.x though.

Well observed @AhabGreybeard!
Also, 4 GB of (shared) RAM isn’t that much.

Your settings seemed correct to me, from what I could see (I have to trick a bit at the moment as my monitor is broken).
Have you always painted with such large brushes, I think I detected over 300 pixels, which brush is this brush you painted with there and do all brushes have this delay?

Furthermore, I would be interested if maybe you are running out of space on your disc?


And suddenly I’m having hesitations and delays and by stylus freezing up and not working … sometimes having to move my mouse…

Never had this before…I will say there was a power spike/drop at one point today…lights flashed and my external monitor shut off but laptop is battery so … not sure if that has anything to do with my hesitation/freezing stylus or not… How F’n annoying though!

My machine/Krita seems back to normal (I hope!) this morning…probably some glitchy power/windows thing… Hoping so!

Looking very close to the video, the RAM allocation for Krita is 52%, 19xxMB, I assume the system has 4gig RAM

It seems to be Windows 11, only icons with small white dot under is running I think. (don’t have windows 11 :sweat_smile:)

4gig RAM for windows 11 is just basic requirement, maybe the four application running in the background eat up all of them and began to swap?
Or maybe Windows “stealthy” Update break graphic driver? Just a guess.

PS: I also noticed in the performance setting, Disable all vector optimization has been check, @Falcostitan do you have the reason to check it? IMO you don’t need to disable vector optimization with modern CPU.

That is shared with graphics, so you can lower the amount of available RAM for Applications. Then Windows 11 needs more resources than Windows 10 I’ve heard, can someone confirm this? If so, it would be the next bottleneck-creator. :frowning:

I saw somewhere in the video a warning because of the Intel graphics inside, maybe it is connected to this?

And, that is what I thought about, if now additionally the disk would be nearly full, then a funny and endless swapping and waiting party begins to tear down the whole system’s performance. In such situations you can be happy if the system doesn’t crash, but that is speculation, and we require more information from @Falcostitan.


It maybe is the Graphic Acceleration setting warning intel integrate gpu may not run well on OpenGL, and suggesting ANGEL for renderer. Vector optimization is on the CPU side.
I remember there were some old turtorial told people to disable vector optimization for better performance, but it may not suit for newer CPUs now.

OP can open krita setting quite smooth, so really not sure the problem is associate to swap.

@Falcostitan can you:

  • Paste text here from Help > Show system information for bug report
  • Show your system RAM usage when Lag happen. System RAM usage can be viewed through windows search > type "task manager" (without quote) and run it

For things like that, you don’t need many resources, and the swapping thing is speculation of mine, because the OP wrote to use Krita a long time on this machine, if I’m not mistaken.
And mobile systems tend to have low resources, resources that get even lower in the course of time the disk gets full and fuller. But we don’t know this, but I have seen something like this many times in the past years

This is not infrequently the old story of, “But it always worked, and now it doesn’t want to anymore.” (often still reflexive, with additions that name the “cause” e.g. “it’s Krita”, “Windows is it”, a highly human behavior). We will see if there will be an answer.


ADD: Krita is simply an application that requires more resources than Office, for example, and so it is noticeable in such applications.

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:slight_smile: Hello @Anart and welcome to the forum!

Thank you for clarification, I can’t install W11 on my machine and only heard it would consume more resources and would slow down machines that ran smoothly with W10.


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