Krita no longer utylize as much GPU?

Im using Krita 4.4.3 and i realized it only uses 10% of my gpu while painting. I remember Krita used more of GPU in past. Was it changed at some point or my memory if faulty?
I have Direct 11 settings on.

No, Krita only uses GPU to draw the canvas on the screen, and for rotating and stuff. It would be good to have it to calculate filters etc. too but that’s a bit far away yet.


So, if you want to build a pc for working in krita, you should pay more attention to processor or RAM? Sometimes I work with Chrome open, so I can listen something while painting, and I notice how my laptop painfully scream for more RAM. So maybe memory is better?

well, if I see the struggle with RAM, do invest in more RAM, but it won’t make Krita faster. It’s more like a limit: if you fit inside the limit, Krita is as fast as it can be with your processor and your RAM; if you don’t fit inside the limit, Krita will slow down because it will use your hard drive as RAM, and your hard drive is much slower (and it can ultimately crash, too, and your system might slow down as well for the same reason).

Processor is a different beast - the newer and the faster it is, the faster Krita gets, simply. Newer, because Krita uses special processor instructions that are only available in newer processors. Sometimes a newer processor with the same base speed is much faster than an older one.


Oh! ok i had some missconception then xD Thanks for clarify.

When chrome plays 1080p 60fps video on yt chrome starts using 25-30% of CPU and slow down krita to the point where brushes freeze even so yea investing in CPU is priority.

Well Krita got partial OpenGL redraws not too long ago (not sure if the release notes even mentioned it, can’t find it right now), that should save some GPU work.

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OpenGL always performed poorly on my system. To much Apps want to use my old CPU
I got confused because i thought Krita used more GPU in past and some of my tweaks to NVIDIA drivers changed that but it seem to not be the case :slight_smile:

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