Krita on Android device - Any good stylus to recommend?

I have just seen that Krita was now on Android device which is really cool! I have a Samsung tablet but I can’t find any good stylus to draw with! Apple has its apple pencil to draw on iPad pro but what about Android devices?? Is there any good stylus out there for Android?
I have looked before I knew Krita was to be on Android devices and I didn’t find something good enough to draw with…
Thanks in advance for your reply.

First you need to check if there is any stylus that is recommended for your device to get pressure sensitivity. If so, it’s best to just buy that stylus unless you know for sure that some off-brand one would work…

If there is no pressure-sensitive stylus, maybe you could buy a capacity pen as I did for my smartphone Galaxy S4. The one I bought is called LogiLink DiscTouch and has a little disc on the end: - note that for it to work, the surface needs to accept capacity pens (those very common pens with rubber balls one one end), because it uses the same technology but is a bit more precise.

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