Krita on Onyx Boox devices

Has anyone tested Krita for android on an Onyx Boox device (Note or Nova or any newish model)? I was thinking of getting one for sketching but heard that third party apps have lag. I was wondering if it was the same for Krita.

It is, I have one myself and no matter the configuration I choose it’s noticably slow. This is despite the fact Krita does use things like partial OpenGL updates, which I guess the Onyx folks don’t take into account for partial redraw of the eink screen. (They also have no documentation or whatever on whether third party apps can make this kind of thing faster, so, ‘eh’)

I have managed to go out into the park and sketch, but again, it’s not smooth.

Some of the sketches I did:

Onyx sure makes it a secret what SoC is actually inside their products…

The only thing I could find out from various shopping sites were:
Onyx Boox Note 2: Qualcomm octa-core 2 GHZ Cortex A53
Onyx Boox Note 3: Qualcomm Octa-core (Cortex-A72 + Cortex-A55)

the first might be Snapdragon 439 or 625, the latter sounds like Snapdragon 652. Either way that’d be roughly twice the GPU power and also twice the CPU power on 4 of those 8 cores.

If the lag comes from a lack of computation power, the Note 3 might not be quite as slow as the Note 2, but part of the equation certainly is how the E-Ink display behaves with “normal” apps that can’t do any special optimizations.

Thanks for the fast reply. That’s unfortunate to hear but it’s not unexpected.
It seems like Onyx has an SDK on github for developing apps for their platform GitHub - onyx-intl/booxsdk: SDK for Onyx Boox so hopefully one day the devs can implement some optimization somehow. That would be great because other commercial software aren’t doing it apparently (the market is too niche I guess).
Also, those are some lovely geese sketches :smile:

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