Krita overwrites files without asking

I’m on Linux Mint 20, the version of Krita I found this in is 4.4.1, but I just downloaded the latest version and the problem remains.
If I export an image and name it “test.png” (extension included) into a folder that already has a file with the same name, everything works correctly, but if I only type “test” (and Krita adds the .png extension automatically) the “test.png already exists. Do you want to replace it?” dialog doesn’t show up, and it goes straight to the export settings. I tested that this happens with .png, .gif, and .ppm files, but not with .jpg. When exporting as .jpg, when I type “test” the existing file gets highlighted in the file browser, and the dialog shows up, which doesn’t happen with the other extensions I tested.

Please report it on, so it won’t get lost here in the support questions.

Ok thanks, I created the bug report here: 440122 – Krita export overwrites files without asking

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