Krita plugin for free stable diffusion images without own server


With my Krita plugin you can create free stable diffusion images without installing a server (local or colab). The plugin uses stablehorde as backend. Stablehorde is a cluster of stable diffusion servers run by volunteers.

The plugin supports text β†’ image and image β†’ image. With the latter you can create an image based on a sketch you made in Krita.

You can install the plugin from here


Are you familiar with the work by @imperator here:
Work in Progress: Stable Diffusion Plugin

and by @w4ffl35 here:
Krita Stable Diffusion plugin for Windows and LInux ?

Both plugins need a server installation, mine does not. Just install the plugin and start generating for free.

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Would it be good to combine all the stable diffusion plugin related thread in one single thread? Right now it is not an issue so no worries, but we would not want the plugin section to get overwhelmed with only variations of stable diffusion plugin implementations.

May be we can prepare one single post with the main post as a wiki which can be edited, which lists all the implementation and gives a brief description about what the plugin is and how it is different than other stable diffusion plugin.


At least for now, I know there are 10 SD plug-ins…

Yeah it might increase in future so it might be best to create a wiki and collate it in one place

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That’s great! I was never able to configure the previous two plugins in linux, so thank you very much. Looking forward to see the inpaint implemented

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Great, that you like it! Inpainting is on the way :grinning:.

My plugin now supports inpainting too.

Nah I rather not steal other users content.

How is your comment connected to my plugin?

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Hey @dudles_82

Please calm down and do not insinuate or accuse people out of nowhere without any context. Please be civil.


Very nice. I just installed your plugins for both Gimp and Krita today. Both work great.

I have been using Stable Horde for Stable Diffusion directly for some time.

Thank you.

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