Krita Plugins named krita-plugins-somethingsomething why? just WHY?

I was on Github just now and I searched “Krita” to find krita plugins and what do I find?
Pages and pages and pages of “krita-plugins” all with the same name. krita-plugin-this or krita-plugin-that.

I really don’t get this silly “naming meta” happening but you guys need to make an actual name for your project to be humanly readable. This makes no sense. On my side I just place it on the description of the project that it is in fact “Krita - Plugin - somethingsomething” it is still picked up by the search engine.

What upsets me more is when this project is downloaded and installed inside Krita. what is the name of it? krita-plugin-somethingsomething also and so you have a long list of plugins all starting with the same and quite long prefix… :crazy_face:

If your plugin is installed inside krita and a user is looking at the plugin tab right?.. you dont NEED to name it “krita-plugin” AGAIN. I think people can see it because the user is in that location on the menu already, Inside Krita and on the python plugin tab. It is just a heavy redundancy. If anything you want to have your plugin with a different name to be easily identifiable when compared to other plugins in the list.

If you don’t want to rename it on Github I get it, search engines and hits all that not to mention legacy now, but at least inside krita drop the “krita-plugin-” prefix… it is just makes it really hard to read let alone identify which plugin is which. There are some really cool plugins named “krita-plugins-something” and it is just so hard to find them when all of them are competing with the same prefix for no actual reason.

And also a mutable prefix to boot just to make it harder, as a user it makes me sad. if all were the same it would be more manageable. But what makes me even sadder is by just dropping the “Krita-Plugin-” prefix most would have a much cooler and much memorable name alone. because no one will ever identify your plugin by “krita-plugin-something” only by the actual “something”. At least I never do, there are just too many for it to be relevant.

Just mind this going forward is all I ask.

I have seen that a lot of people do it i prefer just krita- name of the plugin , at least for github. As it helps to identify it’s something related to krita but still has a unique name (and it’s easier to me to find in my own GitHub as i have many private repositories). I don’t think i have seen any plugins so far that inside krita also have the name krita-plugin though i might just be unconsciously filtering it.

Playing devils advocate, it would end up being the correct name to use though I feel otherwise.

It bothered me too, but I just customized those plugins and that was the end of it for me. :slight_smile:


Editing the entries? Oh that is devilish smart. I will try doing that too.

would having a naming convention defined in the krita scripting school website or the documentation be helpful?

I am in favor of it. At least that way it could alert Scripting School users and help reduce the frequency.


I really have no clue, because I would be insure if people would really use it or know about it. And enforcing it might turn people off also. I really don’t know what can be done.

Ussually I have no other plugins from other people installed and when I have too it is always this odd situation. I install do the thing it does, it creates readability issues when activating dockers or something because it is not where it should be, I find it ugly, and then I uninstall until I really need it again. Ussually I forget what I have on my plugins folder even though I download all plugins I find.

I thought maybe awareness would help people when considering new names for their projects. There are still tons of cool names easily available.

And don’t think that’s a problem cause like anything people can just ignore what they don’t like and do things the way they want.

In my experience i for sure ignore a lot of definitions from some languages i use cause i think they are not very good. Like not using snake case when programing in python.

In the end the definition will be there for those who don’t know how to do it and be a guideline. It’s better to have one than none imo

Perhaps many of these “unfortunately” named plugins were simply created as a small private project or from a script and it was not intended to publish them at all.
And at some point, someone else, say a friend of the programmer, saw this “private plugin” in action with the creator and asked him to publish it, and then, without revising it again, it was simply pulled out of the programmer’s project-folder and made available to others online in its subfolder named “krita-plugin-something”.
When I see the armada of plugins that come along without any documentation or user manual, this seems obvious to me. In a properly planned and implemented project, the source code is usually documented as well, rem references are inserted, and documentation is generated from this at the end. In a “tinkered” project, such things are often neglected.

This is just my theory…


I think that’s a huge possibility also many people make pluginins to help their own workflow and just share them cause “maybe it’s useful for more people”

That’s the philosophy i follow when making plugins i am doing things for myself and just open them to others cause i think more people might find it useful , instead of a project aimed to others.

well I made a really small plugin 2 days ago that is literally 1 button and 14 lines of original code. I still gave it an original name. a crappy name that took me a minute to come up with (“keyframe_layer”) but it has one. might just be a philosofy of mine to do it at this point to give original names, but for my bigger ones I can spend a week thinking about a name for sure before I even start.

So I do think you have multiple ways to juggle new names that have no real effort to make because the project is different.

Usually my ideas are around these :

  • 2 different words that together make a new thing. English is very good with this.
  • a weird name that has multiple meanings.
  • a name from a joke or event.
  • a name from a animal/process/nature that does the same type of thing.
  • a name that in another language means something your handling.
  • the spiritual objective of the project.

I am not against giving it original names, just saying that if people are doing things for themselves they will not think much about a name and just release with whatever name.

More like i am trying to come up with a hypothesis of why this happen.

Besides when you look at it people do give original names but with the krita-plugin prefix from what you are saying.

Anyways i honestly believe some new information in the scripting school might suffice with this issue

They are probably treating it like programming plugins rather than user plugins. It isn’t uncommon for programming plugins to have namespaces as names unless its a big project.