Krita randomly undoes a lot of my progress, doesn't crash though?

Krita doesn’t crash, however it will randomly just completely undo my progress back to a save point. I’ll save, work for 20 minutes or so, and then the program randomly loses all of the progress I’ve made since the save. It’s as if I’ve hit a massive undo button or something. Please please please help me figure out what’s going on, I completely disables onedrive so it isn’t a sync issue. I’ve tried using a different folder for my files but that hasn’t changed anything. It’s so frustrating to be taking two steps forward only to take one step back. Please any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

I could think of two things. You accidentally used the snapshot function

or you happed to have the document open twice. This is a common mistake and what can happen is that you work in one window/tab and then accidentally save the other (unchanged) tab (it usually happens when closing Krita, when the “you have unsaved changes” warning pops up and you press save) and then you overwrite the changes you made with the unchanged version of the second tab (you might not even knew was open), essentially rolling back your changes.

I don’t have it open twice, so I guess it must be the snapshots. I don’t have the snapshot docker activated though, so is it possible hat I’m hitting some hotkey to activate it when I don’t have the docker activated?

Just to be clear, is this something that suddenly happens when you’re working on a picture, or is it that when you reopen a Krita file, some work has been lost that you are sure you have saved?

Oh darn, I should have been more clear that it happens when I’m working on an animation. It will randomly happen while I’m drawing a frame and I’ll lose all my progress from the last frame that I saved on

This sounds strangely like saving directly into a folder that is in sync with a cloud. Always a bad idea.

I realized it had been syncing with onedrive, but I completely disabled onedrive for my computer and it continued to have this issue.

Sorry, quite stupid guess, but we make some mistakes unconsciously.
Did you also specify a new save path in Krita?


Hey there are no stupid guesses, I need all the help I can get! I always Save As and I do save to the new file location I chose, and sometimes I save the file with a new name just for the sake of keeping older file versions saved in the event of some catastrophic issue.

Hi PigmentFish,

That’s a very strange bug that I’ve never encountered. However, if you give me some details about your Krita configuration, that could help assist us with finding a solution.

First, could you please ensure that this behavior only happens when working on animated files? If you could try working on a document without animation and see if the behavior still occurs, that would be useful.

Next, can you keep your undo history docker open (Settings > Dockers > Undo History Docker) to see if you have the ability to redo the work after the “revert” happens?

Is there a particular action you do (paint a brush stroke, resize the image, etc) that causes this to happen every time consistently? If you could get a video of the bug in action, that might also be useful for debugging purposes.

Additionally some details about your Krita configuration would be beneficial. Stuff like auto-save frequency, animation cache settings (like on-disk or memory), undo count limit (defaults to 30) and any other details about your configuration that might be useful.

Also, if it wouldn’t inconvenience you, you should also consider resetting your configuration and letting me know if that resolves your issue. You can read more about configuration resetting here. Doing the above first would still be useful for us, just in case this bug is caused by some kind of combination of configuration settings.


I think I have solved the issue myself a few times. When you go to that top thing with the names of the pictures you’re using, you might accidentally click or scroll wheel to an earlier version of the image. Scrolling back or clicking on the modified image which has an asterisk to indicate it’s modified usually helps for me, it seems you have the same “issue”.

Clarifying of the scroll thing

To clarify, the scroll thing happens when you scroll wheel on that top thing with the picture names (what is it called?), not when you scroll wheel on the image which zooms in and out.

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