Krita & Rog Strix & Windows 11 Bugs :(

Hey guys !!! :slight_smile:
I recently bought new computer - Rog Strix (144HZ, NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX,8 CORES, 16GB) as my boyfriend suggest me that it will be strong computer and good for both playing and digital art (for this range of money).
Unfortunately Krita bugs a lot on this computer - program freeze, it self or it impossible to open tool g’mic because it crushes computer immediately ( it is the same with Liquify tool). Sometimes brush indicator freeze in one place although pen is in different and I can move it until make some changes in brushes or tools.
I’m not sure if it’s faulty model of computer or Krita doesn’t work well with Windows 11 or what it is but I’m very worried because it wasn’t cheap computer and Krita doesn’t seem to be very heavy program and I bought it especially for drawing (secondly for gaming).

If any one could help it would be much appreciated !!!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Is it only Krita that malfunctions on your computer?

I had lots of crashes using 3D software on my computer a few years ago. I bought a new graphics card but the problems remained. Eventually it turned out to be a broken memory chip. So don’t go buying new hardware before trying other options. :wink:

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Hi, I only use Krita for now. Otherwise playing LoL but everything work fine for game. I’m not thinking of buying new one but sending this one back because it pointless for me to keep this computer if program I use and I need, doesn’t work properly :frowning:

Which version number of krita are you using?

Many people are now upgraded to Windows 11 and running krita with no problem.

As a matter of interest, you could download and install Blender then try spinning the default startup cube around to see if that works well.

Krita doesn’t use the graphics card for much.
If I turn off Canvas Graphics Acceleration then Liquify is not affected.
The continuous zoom with Ctrl+Space becomes very choppy but that’s about it.

Do these problems happen when using a mouse or a drawing tablet or both?
If it’s just with a tablet then uninstalling the tablet driver, power down restarting then installing the latest verison according to the manual instructions (even if you already have the latest version) would be a good idea.

When you boot up from power off, are you shown options to run a memory test?
If so, you could run that to see what the result is.

if you can run blender benchmark and games no problem I say your hardware is fine… it might be a driver or software issue (even outside krita)

It might be a long shot but If your pc comes with ANY rgb management programs, uninstall them. they tent to crash the system by sending requests at same time and cause some sort of conflict.

also check your mobo support page to see if any critical bios update is released. (mine use to crash on some usb devices until they patched it in a mobo bios update)


Hi guys,
sorry for delay in reply. So I have downloaded blender and everything works okay. I deleted armour & aura ( although I’m very sad to not have my cool lights on :frowning: ) and it looks like I don’t have any problems with with liquify or brush bug anymore but I will spend more time drawing today. However G’mic still crushes the program. I won’t lie I’m beginner and I won’t probably use this tool any soon so that’s okay but the thing that worries me is that when I paid this amount of money for computer I would expect to run smoothly not extremely complicated apps.

If you saying that’s probably not hardware issue, that’s great because my main question now should I send it back.

I will try to upload bit later the video with issue ( maybe you will spot something wrong I’m doing or something)

Anyway, for now, Thank you so much for help! I will probably stay in touch :wink:


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