Krita saved artworks

Hi, I was just wondering if Krita saves my projects in it’s system somehow. What if my computer breaks down and I get a new one and download Krita on there. Would my new computer with the downloaded Krita have all my artworks and files or would it all be deleted?
Thank you!

Any files you create using krita are stored only on your computer and any external storage devices you decide to copy them to. If your computer breaks down in such a way that you can’t read the files from its hard drive then you simply can’t access them. This is why it’s a good idea to have some kind of external backup storage such as a USB memory stick.

Also, if you do start to use another computer and install krita on it, you can copy over the krita configurations and personal resources from the old computer to the new one so you don’t have all the work to do of setting things up to your personal preferences and reloading any bundles or remaking your personal/custom brushes.

Information about the location of the configuration files and the resources is given here:

Configuration Files