Krita saving blank files

Hello everyone…
I have a problem… When I save an image in krita, it also produces blank images with webp extension like in the picture below… I’m not sure how to stop this… I’ve checked on internet, but no help. Thank you for any advice or help.

Image Picture Link Here

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Files ending with ~ are backup files. They are created by Krita for the case when something goes wrong during saving. Normally they get deleted when the original file was saved and closed but sometimes they remain. The backup files take the name of the original file as their file name. So when your file was named untitled.webp the backup files will be named untitled.webp.kra~. it will be a kra file because this is the only way to conserve layers. If it was a kra file from the start it will only end in kra~

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Ah… That explained it perfectly. Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate it. It is good to have a back up file so no worrying. :smiley:

Now that I know that the files are back-ups, I was able to research how to stop Krita from creating them.

For anyone who’s new:
You can disable this mechanism in the File tab of the General Settings page of the Configure Krita dialog, which is in the Settings menu (Linux, Windows) or in the Application menu (macOS). By default, Backup files are enabled.

If you disable them, this also means that if Krita has a problem during saving, like crashing and corrupting the file, you can lose all your work.