Krita Secrets e-book [free sample] [but extended version is paid]

I am releasing a e-book “Krita Secrets”. Inspired by Blender Secrets I decided to give it a shot. This book aims to deliver small short tutorials. Each tutorial covers one specific action with result. Hopefully with help of this book artists would spend more time creating than digging online to figure out how things should be done.

On this page you can find more information about this book. There is a free sample available for download. Refer to my website’s page Also there are links to and gumroad pages to purchase the book. Hope you will find it useful.

Also I would appreciate your feedback in any form. You can give it here or by filling up the feedback form. Any way is convenient for you :slight_smile:



When you have a Dropbox download link, change the end of it to …dl=1
That way you get a direct download instead of the website attempt to sign you up, etc.

You say “pictures with bounding box to draw your attention”. You might want to change that to “hightlight box” because “bounding box” is the name of a UI feature, as can be found in the manual.

Overall, it seems well designed and laid out :slight_smile:

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Sweet. Thanks. I will fix the issues you pointed out. :slight_smile:

Very organized and good layout.

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Nice book. I would like to suggest you to use default Krita theme to make the screenshots, the current theme in the screenshot is a bit less in contras (black text on dark background) it will also make it easy for users to identify options quickly when they see similar interface

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Good point. I will gradually update them with Krita 5 (it is coming soon anyway).

Thanks for taking the effort to “spend more time creating than digging online” to Krita users!
I am interested to buy your “Krita Secrets” book, let me know when it is available

p.s would love to see more of you on your website, right now there not must to discover about you and your work.


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Thanks for feedback. I will fill up the website as soon as possible. I just created it around week or two ago. Still learning how to organize things there. And how the tools work.

Full version of the book containing 40 tutorials just got released.
See book’s page for details.

Just updated the book. Full version now has 60 tutorials.

Cool! Will you be doing some more updates for this ebook?

Yes I will.
My goal is to have at least 1000 pages.

So there will be a lot :slight_smile:

The plan is:

  1. Add even more tutorials
  2. Make an entire section with Brushes (Brushes and an brush engine focused tutorials)
  3. Make an entire section on Blending (there is a lot of stuff going on on pixel/math level so it should be figured out)
  4. G`MIC focused tricks
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So much … you are very patient. I also wrote a lot of tutorials about krita in Chinese (personal experience, forum discussions, simulations of other software features, etc.), but I’m too lazy to organize them …

Phew. Hit my first milestone :slight_smile:

Now the book has 100 tutorials (and modest 115 pages) :smiley:

Meet you at 500 pages.

P.S. Yeah. Just release October 23, 2021 update.

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I know I promised to come back at 500 pages. Though.

Strangely enough… By accident, the book now has 120 pages and contains… 120 tutorials :slight_smile:

To celebrate this coincident the book is on sale for one week.
You can get discounted book here: Krita Secrets by Yet Another Painter