Krita selection tools [In-depth 2021 tutorial + Answering question and sharing tips and tricks]

Hello everyone. I have created a new series of videos answering the questions that people have been asking on Google and YouTube. In this video, I am showing you everything you need to know about the selection tools.
I am also showing you how to personalize your interface to make your work more efficient. Then, I am showing you in detail what things are and how to use them (including key shortcuts).

Click this link to see the video

If you have more questions, or if you think I missed something important, please feel free to tell me. I appreciate your feedback and help.

00:00 Introduction
00:18 Where is the toolbox?
00:32 How many selection tools? Where are they located?
00:42 Can I personalize the interface?
01:00 What are dockers?
01:20 How do I move dockers?
01:49 Moving dockers (showing you step by step how to do it).
02:50 How do I save my personalized workspace?
03:12 Why move the Tool Options docker?
03:49 The 8 selection tools
04:20 Let’s have a closer look (showing you what the tools can do + Tips).
05:02 Why do I select? What is the purpose? (7 reasons for selecting)
05:10 Answer 1 = Removing/erasing
05:20 Answer 2 = Moving and/or transforming parts
05:36 Answer 3 = Coloring/painting
05:50 Answer 4 = Changing hue, saturation, and lightness
06:02 Answer 5 = Moving/cutting parts to another layer (CTRL + Shift + J)
06:28 Answer 6 = Moving/Copying parts to another layer (CTRL + ALT + J)
07:11 Answer 7 = Inverting a selection (CTRL + Shift + I)
07:35 Three different ways to deselect
08:04 Displaying your selection (if you cannot see the marching ants)
08:34 Is the Polygonal tool that useful? (showing you how to use the tool)
09:19 Filling selections with foreground and background colors
09:39 Filling selections with a pattern
10:09 The Bezier curve selection tool (showing you how to use it)
10:50 The magnetic selection tool
11:22 The lasso tool or free had selection tool
12:12 The magic wand or contiguous selection tool
12:31 Similar color selection tool
13:00 Action tools start here!!!
13:24 Action # 1 = Replace
13:39 Action # 2 = Intersect
13:54 Action # 3 = Add
14:27 Action # 4 = Subtract
14:43 Action # 5 = Symmetric difference
15:02 FINAL TIP = how to stroke a selection

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I didn’t look all the video content (I rarely take time to look videos entirely) but for what I see it sound very interesting especially for beginners :+1:

The only remark I can made is, we don’t know which version of Krita the video is talking about.
I guess it’s Krita 4.x.x (and maybe a 4.4.X)

But Krita 5.x.x is coming this year I think.
And in 2 or 3 years, maybe interface and/or tools won’t be exactly the same than today.

Tutorial probably will be still valid because interface and tools probably won’t be changed drastically, but I think you can add on which version of Krita tutorial is related to (4.4.x); it’s always interesting when watching or reading a tutorial to know on which version it has been based, especially if people watching it don’t have exactly the same version :slight_smile:


Note: as uppercase style is often perceived as aggressive, I’ve changed title from UPPERCASE to lowercase


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That is so great of you to help. I will make the appropriate changes in the description. Thank you so much.

Made the changes. Thanks. I left the first phrase in capital letters but changed the rest.