Krita Shop suggestion

I was browsing the Krita Shop and found that the description for the item - USB keycard with Krita (latest) and training €34,95 is not clear. I am assuming that it is a bundle of many other items listed in the shop. It would be easier for anyone to buy when they see the detailed description and can figure out a huge discount being offered through this product bundle. Also I would like to just have the downloadable version instead of the physical USB device. Is that option available? Can that be offered as an option or as a separate product?

Thank you so much for all your efforts and support.

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Uhm…here it says:

USB keycard with the newest stable version of Krita for all OSes. Includes Comics with Krita, Muses, Secrets of Krita, Animate with Krita and Digital Atelier tutorial packs.

What exactly is unclear about it?

For a new user like me who is not conversant with Krita products, would find it helpful if the description says that the product names mentioned are same as the ones listed separately in the shop.

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