Krita shows up briefly in Task Manager, then stops

I was moving a text layer around during a session and Krita just suddenly stopped responding. After waiting for maybe 10 minutes for it to respond, I just decided to force stop it through task manager. So when I tried starting the app again, it just doesn’t seem to start. It shows up in Task Manager, and it used up about 2gb of RAM before quitting on its own. The title screen never shows up.

After trying to start it back up several times, I thought maybe reinstalling the app might fix the issue, but it didn’t. What is even more confusing is that Krita crashed when I tried to move a 100p selection on a 1024x1024 canvas, which has never happened to me before.

I’m on Krita 5.0.0

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Reinstalling Krita rarely helps to solve a problem with Krita, because it does not renew the configuration files and the resource database.

You should try two things first. I assume you are using Windows, otherwise check the Krita documentation to see where you can find the appropriate files and directories on Linux or macOS.

First, in the folder “c:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Local\” is the file “kritarc”, please rename it, e.g. to “kritarc.old”. Now try to start Krita, if this works, the problem would probably be solved.
If it doesn’t work, repeat the first step for the second step and rename additionally your resource folder “c:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\krita\” to “c:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\krita-old\” BEFORE you restart Krita.
I hope this will have helped you.

Furthermore you should think about updating to the current version 5.0.6.

If you have not changed your resource folder location, the resources can be found at…



~/Library/Application Support/Krita/

If you installed Krita in the Windows Store, your custom resources will be in a location like:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\49800Krita_RANDOM STRING\LocalCacheRoamingkrita


Addendum: I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back to you today, but luckily there are plenty of users on the forum.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. So I tried everything you talked about, but it didn’t seem to work. After looking through some older posts here, I learned about a file called “”. I ran it, and it returned:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::bad_alloc’
what(): ‘std::bad_alloc’

mmm so what do I do now?

Okay, I forgot to ask that, but now it’s clear you’re using Windows.

With the output, we’re getting into an area I’m not familiar with anymore, the only thing I think I can tell from this is that there are problems with an allocation/reservation of whatever (bad_alloc).

The last thing I can think of that you can try in this situation is to reboot, if you haven’t done it anyway in the meantime since this issue occurred.

Someone with debugging knowledge or programming knowledge would have to comment on this. Let’s see what @KnowZero, @halla, @tiar, @dkazakov, or another knowledgeable dev or user can say about this, if they know in which direction to look further.


A digression about krita(dot)com

The website called krita[dot]com is used by a Swedish band called Twig.
Their email contact is a hotmail address.
The website twig[dot]com can’t be reached but appears to be mapped to servers somewhere.
The internet can be a strange place.

Have you updated to version 5.0.6?

Did you find and delete (or rename) the file called ‘kritarc’ and the resources folder called ‘krita’?
If so, did you do that while the krita application was not running?

I just updated to 5.0.6. As for the files, I had renamed them while Krita was not running, as the app automatically shuts off just moments after turning it on. Does it matter whether or not it’s running?

Just to be sure, after it shuts down itself, it doesn’t remain in the list of running tasks in your task manager? I’m asking because someone has had this some time ago.


Yes, it does not appear in Task Manager.

I think you have or had 2 krita instances or more running. Like when a krita instance does not close properly it kinda lingers in memory.

On the windows task manager you have 2 lists. One of the apps your running and the other stuff on the background. When you run a new instance of krita it is a background thing before it is promoted to the top. If there is a krita instance on the background still because of a crash or similar the new instance will be blocked and crash before launch and add wood to the fire.

So what you have to do is locate all instances with the krita logo and end their processes. Then you can trigger a new instance and it will run good again. Restarting your pc does the same too

While krita is running, it has a read/write activity involving the ‘kritarc’ file and probably the resources database.
When krita closes normally, it updates the ‘kritarc’ file.
It’s very unwise to manually modify/delete/rename the configuration files of an application while it’s running. (It can be interesting and exciting but it’s never a good idea.)

I checked for that many times, but no. All instances of Krita (even the multiple instances I turn on on purpose) just appears in Task Manager,eats all my resources, then poofs.

Although I would really like to hear developer’s opinion here, that could be another approach.
How is your PC equipped? RAM size, processor and available space on the system hard drive/SSD, would be of interest there. Are Kritas resources on the system drive or on another drive?


It’s a laptop, Ryzen 5, 16gb RAM, and I still have about 280gb on my SSD. All my Krita files are in one drive. I don’t have any resource intensive apps open on PC startup, and the only apps I ever use outside of Krita are Blender, Firefox, and Spotify (all of which I usually don’t have on at the same time).

Okay, that is more than enough for running Krita. Let’s wait for a dev.


That looks like you are running out of space for some reason be it ram or storage, it can also happen if there are permission errors. Did you try restarting your pc?

Check Krita crash logs, is there anything there?

Also, from your other statement, you are saying you have 280gb left of free hd space correct? Assuming that is the case, you can also try getting the portable version, then create a shortcut in the portable version folder, set the shortcut to:
%COMSPEC% /k SET USERPROFILE=%CD%/homedir/ && START %CD%/bin/krita.exe
And run it. This should put all your resource files and kritarc inside the homedir folder which may work out if it is some permissions issue.

If it doesn’t work, check the homedir folder and note if anything was created or if it is empty.

Then you might consider adding debug symbols and add it to the portable:

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So I followed every step here, and apparently Krita might have been locked up. The crash logs showed the last crash to have happened around 6th June, when my problem came up around the 18th. Is there. . . anything else I could try? Krita still does the same thing when I try to run it.

Can you check whether the %APPDATA%\krita.log log file is accidentally really big and if so, remove?

Tried looking for it both through the search bar, and manually and it seems to be missing. There’s also a few other log related files that are also gone since I last checked a few minutes ago, is this supposed to happen?

No, unless Windows decides to autoclean… But if there’s no extra big krita.log file and you still cannot start Krita, it’s a different problem. Can you try to run Krita as another, normal user? (Or did someone already suggest that… This thread is huge.)

Nope, still doesn’t work :v