Krita Skipping every other line (Project Blue)

Type of device* : iPad Pro
Brand and version of the device: 3rd gen 12.9"
System** : Windows 10

I’m using Project Blue (most recent version) to connect my iPad to Windows. Krita only seems to draw every other brush stroke. I assume this is a Krita issue, becuase I can see every stroke when I go to Settings > Configure Krita > Tablet Settings > Open Tablet Tester. I have a video of the issue here. Does anyone have a solution to the issue?

This is on Krita 5.0, the iPad is up to date, and so is Windows.

Hi @Mike_Nelson - Welcome to the forum. I found a thread re Project Blue and Krita. There is some info about needing a driver from Project Blue to make it work with Krita. It’s near the end of the thread.

I guess krita uses some different/unusual api for the stylus pen. I found out that project blue works perfectly in GIMP and autodesk sketchbook, even we can use it on krita’s brush creator tool.

Krita uses the driver interface of Qt, and this is a standardized industry standard. You “build” this Project Blue between your iPad and Krita to be able to use products together that are not made for each other, and if it doesn’t work, it’s always Krita’s fault.
The problem is that the bridge provided by Project Blue does not work correctly with the Qt interface.
Have you ever thought that you are just lucky that the programs that let you use the iPad and the Windows world together in this way have already had the driver adapted by Project Blue, or simply had luck?


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