Krita treating the pen as a click(hold)

Type of device: Display Tablet
Brand and version of the device: XP-PEN Artist 12
System: Windows 10

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):

Hello there, I just bought Krita on Steam because I was really happy with this software and wanted to support the creators. But, once I started Krita I got this huge problem: My pen is acting like a click(or hold) , I mean, when I try to paint it either doesn’t draw or it does but with no pressure. And If I go over a brush, not touching it, it selects the brush immediately. Even with the opacity or size, if I hold my pen above them, not touching, it drags the blue fill after the pen. With the krita downloaded from the official website nothing like this happened, it worked perfectly fine.

Please help me with this problem and thank you!

What happened if you do the same over Windows Desktop with the pen?

I suspect the steam overlay intercepts some events. The thing that you can call up in the middle of a game, I mean.

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No, it still doesn’t work even though i disabled steam overlay

Seems like a difficult issue. Maybe you could ask Steam support about this? I’m not sure we can do anything from our side…

I got this problem once, I think it was something to do with windows ink, so I just sort of fiddled with all the windows ink settings. But I’m not sure.