Krita UI Redesign

I don’t think that splitting up the documents would do much good, as it would be against the whole purpose of gathering the useful information in one place!

However, I’ll take into account your poll, and order it based on that!

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Yep, sounds like a good idea when you think of it like that aha!


Hope this helps to maintain a clearer vision of what’s going on, it’s almost a summary, basically.

Feel free to add what you feel is missing, but if you want to brainstorm, let’s keep it here, to leave that document as concise as possible :slight_smile:


Looks great @slightlyangrydodo! :grin:

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I applaud you for this awesome job you’ve done :raised_hands:. Seriously, this is great to see everything together.

I’m a bit unsure of what to do now to be honest, there’s so many possible paths that can be taken. Considering this is a open forum, we are (mostly) doing this in our free time. Would it be best for the thread to continue like this, or break the threads into separate topics, sort of like the Google Doc? Or there could be assigned tasks for different users, but that would be hard to manage, and I don’t know how that would work.

I don’t think this can really be my decision alone either, so what do you all think?

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Thanks @Rakurri!

Also, to be honest, I like some of these ideas so much I want to code them myself. I still have plenty to do, so I can’t contribute too much, and my knowledge is limited, but I’d like to help out :slight_smile:


Great to hear. I’m similarly busy at the moment too, but at least there’s a solid foundation for this discussion to progress further now.


It is okay to break into new topics like i have said earlier :slight_smile: Start from the low hanging fruits and easy to implement ideas, gather developer support and then move forward.


Really helped to summarise this topic :slight_smile: thanks :+1:


Extension complete!

I’ve created 3 specific topics as a result of this thread:

That should provide more freedom for discussions outside of this topic, and reduce the effort required for compiling Google Docs in future.

It would be interesting to see if this main thread becomes a sounding board for potential UI features, before dedicated threads are created :thinking:. But that’s just a thought!



That’s great! I’m thinking we should post that in the first message on this thread as a big notice it was split into three separate threads, and close/lock this thread. That will prevent unnecessary development of ideas that now have dedicated threads for them on this parent thread.


I agree with the posting of first message, but I feel like this thread still can be used for general UI ideas that don’t relate to the 3 topics. Eg. Tab widths, workspaces etc.

I think this thread still has a purpose, I’ll just redirect any undue traffic to the appropriate venues at the start of this topic :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I don’t believe I’ve had a chance to thoroughly look over the UI redesign proposals, but I just want to make sure that the new interface design takes into account usability, screen real estate, and intuitiveness. A well-designed interface should speed up work productivity and reduce the need to fumble throught tool pannels frequently.


i agree a lot with some concepts to a new interface, like the tool bar be more simple and compact (like square, line, circle that could be on one tool, or even the inicial page that includes to much ) , some icons remodeled to a better understand (like the layer below icons)

but i have my troubles on make it look to much like blender, is another program, i now that some people make edits, paints, animations and is incredible that one free program can make all that, but is not because its open source that all need to look similar, some people never used blender

i hope that some understand my opinion, and i cant wait to an UI update in a near future, keep the great work ans sugesstions


Don’t worry about it being “make it look like Blender so it looks like Blender”. I’d be complaining if that was the leading reason to do that. All ideas should be measured with the general audience when it comes close to any kind of coding work. :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree with you. Blender has its own workflows and suited for 3D.
And also agree with @Rigognos about the usability, intuitiveness, productivity, … If an icon is there, it is because of a reason (not just because it looks cool).
For me, the canvas is one of the most important areas and should be the focus of attention when painting/drawing. Everything else must revolve around it.
Maybe it’s just a personal taste, but I find Blender UI for Grease Pencil too populated with icons and boxes. Even though I strongly believe that Krita should evolve its UI, I feel much more comfortable using it than other painting applications.
Finally, IMHO, it is very important to maintain the customization of the interface. The default workspaces always felt a bit overwhelming to me and I had do adjust them to my specific needs.

I’m sure it is A TON of work (and I can try to help within my many limitations), but from this post I see the UI redesign/upgrade is a common wish among many users.


Yes that’s my opinion as well, there shouldn’t be any superficial elements in the workspace.

Yes, to repeat what @tapatilorenzo has said, I don’t think Krita should become ‘Blender but for painting’ at all. While it is good to be inspired by other programs, Krita importantly has its own userbase and identity to respect.

Good point. This is especially true for smaller screen sizes.

Hopefully these ideas will improve customisation (of Dockers etc.), not hinder it!

I’m seeing this too, which is very exciting :slightly_smiling_face:.



For an example of a well-designed user interface in a proprietary image editor program, the first idea that comes to mind is the interface in Artrage. Although the toolbars and menus are unconventionally shaped, they are mostly easy to navigate for new users. The interface is not perfect and it might be harder to navigate in later versions of the program, but there might be ideas in the interface that could be used to improve the user interface of Krita. The following is a preview of the user interface in artrage 3, but the current interface is similar to earlier versions of the program. Nevertheless, Krita is not Artrage and should not aim to be a clone of Artrage.

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Looking interesting, perhaps a radial menu like that could be a thought. I like how the canvas is given centre stage. And draggable/ togglable Dockers are nice too!

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I’m not sure if it’s already been suggested (can’t remember - and I’m not re-reading the whole thread! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but what if the toolbar and dockers had an auto-hide function?

I think of it like this:

  • You hit the edge of the screen and the required docker would pop out ready to use (a common thing for dockers to do!).

  • When hidden, the dockers could have a still visible tab (vertical) with the icons representing which dockers you have layered in that section.

  • You would have the ability to choose between the auto-hide and a toggle visibility function.

  • You would also have a pin for when you want to keep an auto-hide docker open.

This way you can easily maximise canvas space without needing to be in canvas-only mode and losing access to functions.

Sorry I can’t do a visual mockup but I’m very… umm… busy with… umm… things… and stuff at the moment… :innocent: