Krita Users - chatroom from the community for the community


Hey guys,

we would like to invite you to the new, open source based Krita Users chat.
Imagine it a bit like Discord, but with more open standards in every way possible. Hosted on the KDE server.

Link: You're invited to talk on Matrix

Or you could also search manually in the public room list, join this adress:

You can join via different softwares, (most of us are using Element) on your Desktop, Mobile or through a Web Interface. Right now we have a few chat rooms like General, WIP for works in progress and User Support where Krita users can help others out. Here’s a list with options.

We called it Krita Users so it is clearly distinguishable from Krita-Artists and everyone knows in an instant about which platform we’re talking.

Since we just started and the technology is pretty new, we haven’t figured everything out yet, but it all seems to work pretty flawlessly. Some things are still in development, but it’s going fast and well.

Feel free and very welcome to join us. :slight_smile:
Admins are @tiar and me.


Really great, I already joined but do want to say that I hope it will be a pillar of this community!

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