Krita Weekly Update - November 2022 - week 47

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Krita Weekly Development Update, brought to you by the @Krita-promo team! This meeting was led by @emmetpdx.


  • Commits - 7 authors, 21 commits to master and 31 commits to all branches
  • Downloads ( 73,885 (76,317) unique downloads last week.
  • Web traffic:170,044 (173,416) visits, 139,436 (378,849) unique page views last week
  • Donations: 6841 in the past month
  • 191 subscribers (peak was 202, last week 192)
  • Pageviews last week - 242,000
  • Twitter: 58,999 (59,088)
  • Mastodon: 5168 (4770 )
  • Peertube: 678 (503)
  • Krita subreddit: 68,686 (68,496 last week)

Highlights of this week

  • KDE will be unifying translation and code repositories, so the Krita team needs to opt in for translations in the main git repo as well.
  • Despite last week’s bug fixes, there are still a number of bugs left. On the bright side the number of regression bugs had decreased by 3 (17 this week, 20 last).
  • @Halla remarked that the bug that breaks the transform tool when another tool is invoked causing data loss is a concern.
  • @Amyspark and @wolthera worked on getting the text branch dependency ICU used for adding Unicode input ready. It also works on Android too.
  • @dkazakov spent last week writing extensive developer documentation for the Lager branch. This will help others on the team to familiarize themselves with the code and help in porting other brush engines.
  • @Halla worked on the palette docker refactor code and also started looking into @dkazakov’s Lager branch.
  • @Wolthera started reading the Lager branch documentation written by @dkazakov. She also worked on translation pipeline changes.
  • @emmetpdx and @eoinoneill are working on getting the new inbuilt FFmpeg ready and adapting the existing options of FFmpeg for this new build.
  • @Tiar worked on porting the sketch brush engine to Lager. She also worked on the ellipse assistant tool.
  • @IvanYossi added kritarunner and krita_version to dmg. While this is not huge it brings equality in all platforms. He also worked on getting python and other dependencies updated for macOS.
  • @Sh-zam looked into fixing bugs on palette export saving an empty file and also halla’s palette docker branch.They also looked into tiff file export issues on Android.
  • @Amyspark spent time working on the ICU library building on all our supported platforms, which was a tough task. They also reported many bugs to upstream projects like Unicode, ICU, Meson, etc. and some of them are getting fixed. This is a good example of Krita’s team working with the upstream projects to improve things for everyone.
  • @Deif_Lou worked on exploring and researching the layer styles implementation. This also includes understanding the much awaited PS style clipping mask feature. @Deif_Lou has replicated all the layer style effects (except inner glow, outline, bevel) and this worked well in their test apps. They can be checked here.


The Lager brush editor project is gaining momentum. After porting two brush engines, @Dkazakov then wrote extensive documentation and put out a call for any devs available to help get the remaining brush engines ported to Lager. The team is diving into the documentation now and further porting is underway. This intensive project is a good example of what’s required to keep Krita up to date and pave the way for future development.

On the bug discovery side, it’s interesting to learn that @amyspark found and reported 11 bugs to upstream providers Unicode, MSVC, and Meson — just in case you thought Krita was the only software dealing with bug reports.

The Krita Development Fund is a great way to support Krita’s maintenance and advancement. Feel free to take a look anytime to see how it’s doing.

Commit report

This is compiled by @freyalupen.

Commits (Click to expand and read)

What follows is a list of changes made to Krita’s code over the last week (November 14–21, 2022). These changes are available in the latest nightly builds:

Minor changes (small bugfixes, small tweaks to features):

5.1.x branch (Krita Plus):

** Canvas rendering bugfixes:

5.2.x branch (Krita Next):

** Wraparound mode:

** Layer stack:

** Tools:

** Keyboard shortcuts:

** Misc:

Technical changes (mostly invisible to users; code refactors, build fixes, tests, logging):

5.2.x branch (Krita Next):

** macOS Build:

** Tests