Hi Why this site address is not opening on my lap top It is showing some alerts and some times not loading Through my mobile I am posting this

You need to add a ‘-’ between “krita” and “artists”.

Just I mentioned that but typed the same


If you have alerts, it could be useful to provide them to help to understand what happen…

also, which browser/browser version are you using on your laptop ?
do you use the same internet connection than your phone ?
do you have other sites for which you have problems ?

the more information you can provide will help to determinate what happen…


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I am using Chrome no problem to load other sites Same net connection I am using Alert 8s not safe connection is private the site address do not exist like that…

I’m at loss here. I still don’t understand if you are trying to enter the site (exactly like your title), or the current site (with the hyphen [-]).

If you are trying the first one (without the hyphen) then I believe it is not a site affiliate with the Krita team. Maybe @tiar or @raghukamath can confirm this.

If the site giving problems is the second one (with the hyphen) then I would recommend at first cleanning your Browser cookies and site data. Also checking if the proxy settings of your OS is turn off, or if you use a proxy if it is set properly in the OS and in the browser.

I am typing with hyphen Used incognito window and showing connection is not private and attackers might be trying to steal 8n formation It is for this site only rest are working properly please give me the confirmation

Can you make sure the address that shows up is: - see the s at the end? Also are you behind a China Great Firewall or something else like that, country-wide internet connection filter/censorship or something else that could cut off the connection to a server in a UE country?

Not secure is showing not loading I am selecting back to safety and closing the window

@raghukamath please inviting your attention

Can you take a Fullscreen Screenshot of the page with the error showing? So we can see the exact Error Name, and if the browser is showing any other message.
I think at this point is the screenshot is going to be really helpful.

Please see

@radiance could you click on "NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID” and post a screenshot of the more detailed error message that should give?

Is your computer date/time is correct ?


Date time correct no problem loading other sites The site is not reachable Some body is stopping loading data breach are showing Please do something

Is the problem from 1st of october ?


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Thanks for the ping @radiance.

I am unable to reproduce this issue in both chrome and firefox. Does it load on your mobile on the same network. If possible can you also check it on mobile network too? Also double check if the URL is correct.

In mobile same network loading properly In laptop only it is coming I think it is recent I opened incognito window with error the site is loading

Two days back wordpress I got a message like this but later no problem through this any intrusion happens is my doubt

The worldwide shutdown of Facebook on the next day it happens