Krita's Shortcuts Are Blocked From Other Apps

The first time I noticed this issue was when I was trying to screen-record my artwork progress and the second time was when I tried to draw during a call - this is not affected by my hardware because the shortcuts work on my keyboard but I noticed that pen pressure isn’t working - on or off, it does not change.

Previously, I have tried to restart Krita but nothing happened it’s still happening. I think it’s when I have the opportunity to screen share or screen record, it only happens because it would work completely fine with every other app that opened. I wasn’t sure if it’s because the shortcuts were affecting the app like I wasn’t sure if there was a shortcut on OBS that I didn’t know could affect Krita- I don’t know, I’m talking nonsense at this point.

I’ve not seen a lot of other articles like this and Krita did say to like look at the FAQs and forums and at this point, I feel like maybe I just have a faulty program but wanted to ask if this was happening for anyone else?

Also wanted to mention that I tried to switch shortcuts and even calibrated (or just switched keys) on my drawing tablet through the VEIKK driver but nada :confused:

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Which version of krita and which operating system are you using?
Which model of Veikk tablet? Is it a display tablet or just a drawing tablet?

Is it the case that when you use OBS, the Veikk tablet shortcut keys don’t work properly but your keyboard shortcuts work ok?

I think that the Veikk driver utility lets you set up and use different profiles for different applications and it detects which application is in use.
If so, it would be a good idea to set up separate profiles for krita and for OBS and to make sure they have the same settings (even though many of the settings are not of any use or meaning for OBS).

Oh, I never thought that the VEIKK tablet had different profiles lmao but it still doesn’t make sense to me as to why some shortcuts override Krita.

I got Krita this month so it would be version 4.4.1 and I have an A15 VEIKK drawing tablet since February this year. I should note that this problem has been occurring before my cable became slightly faulty.

Yes; the shortcuts work fine on my keyboard but not on my tablet. I will also state that it has messed with pen pressure so even if the shortcuts are working fine, the pen pressure feature isn’t working.

It’s still not clear which operating system you’re using. Am I right in thinking that you’re using Windows 10?

It’s not clear what OBS has to do with this.
Does this problem only happen when OBS is running or does it happen all the time?

Did the pen pressure used to work properly with krita at some time?
If so, when and under what conditions?

With krita running, it would be a good idea to run your tablet driver setup utility and try to create a separate profile for krita, then check that the settings in that profile are ok and look sensible.