kynlo 1016

I don’t remember if i’ve tried any of the water color brushes, but it’s been raining since morning, so i took a hint from nature…

I don’t know where WaterC Spread WideArea came from, but is a pretty awesome brush


I love the way you have captured a lot of tension with quite loose brush strokes. It feels to me like you were totally in the zone when you were painting this and that the subject mattered to you.

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Thank you @Erisian - towards the end, i had become much more comfortable with the brush. The beginning was a bit of a disaster! :grin:

I’m the opposite. I’m totally comfortable at laying out but I mess things up with the painting. I think I try too hard to control everything. :roll_eyes:

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oh? do you find that your pieces get overworked or lose their feeling as you render out the final? I guess it doesn’t matter, the best way to start improving to start sharing your work. You’re sure to get some ideas and suggestions to think on! the nice thing about digital is we can all modify each other’s work to help illustrate ideas and opinions :grinning:

you might find that posting the image at intermediate stages helps too - you can get feedback while you work towards the final - i’ve done it a few times, most recently: kynlo sketch 0908

i can’t stop using this brush now!!