kynlo 2021 0124

its almost right, i’ll have to fix it up as i go

reference for this image from


Its really awesome!!
Don’t forget to share the complete artwork…

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of course, i’ll probably share some in-progress images as i work on it as well :wink:

a couple hours tonight to add some colors and adjust some features - it’s a huge struggle to avoid details. I’ve smudged over a couple places where i went too far on the details, not sure if that helps me learn :slight_smile: guess we’ll see


Looking awesome, as always. When I looked at your sketch I immediately thought of a strong orange to black background highlighting the hands like this illustration by Seb Mckinnon


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thank you :slight_smile:

Wow - that piece is amazing! i don’t know if my piece is going to have something as strong, but the palette i have in mind is very similar to that. I’ve not heard of Seb before, he’s got spectacular work - thanks for sharing @Tycho!

i’ve been picking at this over the past few days - maybe 10-15 minutes at a time, but work has been keeping me occupied.
it’s in bit of disarray at the moment :smiley: but hopefully i get enough time this weekend to finish the piece