kynlo masquerade sketches

@Mythmaker has doomed me!!! I’ll be trying to figure out what my fantasy alter-ego is for days :smile:

some first day sketches

Hope you all plan to join in!!!



This is a great start! Glad you’re coming to the party - so that’s two of us at least… :yum:

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Nice work. I may join in in between more focused stuff. I love masks. In fact I have one that I painted in Krita and polished in Gimp a few years back. Is it acceptable on this forum to post stuff that uses other software?

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i thought i would get more sketches in on day 2… but it turns out, i sketched this guy and there was a spark - and i just kept searching… i think i found my party guest :wink:


I’m surprised there’s been so much done already - I thought I was cutting it close giving you all a two week deadline! :smile:

Still - I do like to drag my heels a bit before I get stuck in, so it suits me!.. :yum:

I think the rules say you can’t post stuff that’s been done exclusively in other software. I think it would be tolerated if you’re posting something retrospectively - like showing old work you did before moving to Krita; perhaps not as a gallery post, but as part of your work in progress. I’m speculating though - I’m not a moderator! :wink:

Edit: Just realised I misread your post - as long as you used Krita in the process it should be okay.


Thanks @Mythmaker I posted the image. It was done almost exclusively in Krita just refined some edges and did some smoothing in Gimp so it should be OK.

sketching is the simple part… i need the rest of the time to paint it, hate it, get over hating it, rework it, and finally submit it by the skin of my teeth!


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That’s the spirit! :grin:

I tend to go through that cycle many times before I’m happy.

Or just end up abandoning it out of boredom/frustration… :upside_down_face:

i love your very expressive lines. the slight mess just adds the right amount of spice to it

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