Kynlo sketch 0215

i really like the composition of this one - i struggled to stop working on it


It does have a good start indeed. Maybe give her a spear to lean on, or something to make her presence more… Just more. Or the character would work is it is next to another one.

@KIRE - not sure what “more” you’re after. I tried a spear, but the straight line is fighting with the existing flow regardless of the angle i tried.

I’ll try some other things to bring more attention to her - like increasing the highlight on her and maybe the contrast).

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Nice values. She gets the attention in the layout, If I may comment, I find the right side a bit empty may be it will be alright when you fill in the details.

Thanks for the suggestions @KIRE and @raghukamath - i’ll continue to push the image, see where it takes me. :cowboy_hat_face:

For now i’ve colorized it (blue - yellow gradient) and started cleaning up some of the details, refining some of the lights and shapes.


now with more golem!