Kynlo sketch 0322

You’d think with everyone confined to their homes i’d have more time for drawing. Hasn’t worked out that way yet - maybe i’m doing something wrong :thinking:

baked a little beef cake today inspired by @Rebecca’s recent post


I like the strokes, great your work!!!


Ha, I love it! Nice brushwork and lighting, too!

Yeah, I know what you mean…


The brush strokes look very natural. Good work.

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really feels like a pencil sketch. which is kind of something not totally natural on a computer. you have to forget all the fancy things you can do and limit yourself. he looks sexy but dangerous. like ass kicking first or second…or during…ok im stopping.,…lol

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Beautiful work . I have just discovered the portfolio option and I was really impressed with your work. I know I have commented before ,but I had not seen the full amount of work. Really nice quality ,
I especially have a fondness for the drawings they remind of some of the masters works. An ability to be envious of .Well Done.

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he definitely has got a load of charisma between his stance and the lighting :slight_smile: some of my favorite works are the sketches and drawings that come before the paintings, and i really enjoy them - i’m glad to see you do as well :wink:

thank you @nicholas_brownley for an enormous compliment! I’m also quite fond of the old masters drawings and sketches!!