Kynlo sketch 0531

this is what happens when i fall behind posting - i upload multiple sketches in one day - something a little different today, i picked a purple mid-tone to work on :metal:

the expression is really awesome though, so i’m itching to paint this one (and the one from yesterday) - just need to pick which one i do first - that’ll be easy, right? :no_mouth:


she looks a little scared as of now… :laughing: (the pupils are small…)

I agree!

I’m hoping you do!

as for a talented artist like you, your gonna boss it.

like the color choice!

i replied to so many things in this topic! :upside_down_face:

yes! she has a look that reminds me of 50’s horror movies :grin:

hahaha - thanks!

you totally did!!! thank you!

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