Kynlo sketch 0628

it’s been hot
it’s been busy
dragon quest builders 2 is a black hole :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but i got back to the stylus today!


Would you mind telling me which brush you use in your drawings .It has such a genuine look to it.Thanks.

I suppose these are fictional characters. Slightly corrected the proportions. The eye sockets is round, not angular. The eye is located in the middle of the orbit. The girl’s nose and lips look too large.

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I don’t think those are fictional. Study is about drawing something from observation to capture what makes it interesting. Then you can even exaggerate whatever thing you observe as you please with your “artistic license”.
Those people look too authentic and believable to be concepts unless @kynlo reached another level ? :smiley:

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sure @nicholas_brownley. the sketches all get done with the kynlo sketch brush in this bundle - it’s set to be grainy and change size with tilt, but it doesn’t use any custom image for brush tip - just a circle with low density so it can work quickly.

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@Archibald - thanks for the feedback! They are 20 minute sketches, but i certainly would not claim that they are 100% accurate regarding proportions.

If you compare my original sketch, and your update to it - i think you’ll see your changes have made the head disproportionate. It is now much too large for her body. The changes to her nose and lips shift her features from south asian to something that feels more european to me.

reference of the woman if you are interested:


Always a fan of your work. Great sketches. I might try your brushes to see if I can capture a bit of your artistry.

Thanks :wink:


Thanks for that much appreciated.

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In no case do I want to indicate to whom and how to draw, I just give advice. And when compared to the original image by reference, there are many inaccuracies. Of course, the auxiliary image does not need to be copied, but in this figure the distortions slightly mutilated the original.

Kynlo did an amazing job with that drawing. Drawing or painting from reference does not mean you have to copy it 100%, a reference is just a guide. If he wanted to distort some part of the image, he has every right to do so.

Please refrain from making ad hominem attacks. It is up to @kynlo to take the criticism or not. Also it is not a rule that only master in art can make criticisms. I don’t intend to stop you from pointing mistakes in the criticisms made, but don’t make personal comments. So I advice you to edit the comment and remove these lines -

@Archibald Just looking at your portfolio, I think you’re not in any position to advise Kynlo how to draw.


Fantastic portrait drawing.

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I think i understand what you are trying to say, and yes, i recognize that all my drawings and paintings have some proportions that are incorrect. I used to stress over it too, like i’m sure lots of artists do. I would use the grid system to ensure proper proportions back then. That eventually changed. Once i started really looking at paintings and drawings that i really loved, i realized proportions aren’t super important unless you are doing a study. And trying to stick to them always made my work feel stiff.

I’m assuming you are using a translation software, generally the word mutilate is reserved for violently disfiguring something :grimacing: In the future, you may consider writing that the proportions or the likeness look incorrect.

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That’s right, I use Google Translate.
I agree that exact proportions are not required to be observed, the main thing is that distortions do not catch the eye and the picture looks pleasant. Perhaps the translation incorrectly conveyed the idea: the image lost its attractiveness in comparison with the original.

Thank you for the compliment and your passion for art!

Some distortion makes the image unnatural. For example, the midline of the eyes should pass through the bridge of the nose. The cheekbone that protrudes too much, the very large nose and lips make the image caricatured.