Kynlo sketch 0731

Nōtan?!! I dunno, i want to try more that’s for sure.

if i were to pose a brush challenge, i would choose the Shapes Fill brush. anyone game to try it?!



Very interesting challenge. What did you have in mind ? One brush shape fill. Any colour and/or size constraints ?

there is a brush called Shapes Fill brush… its size doesn’t really matter (i don’t think) because of the way it works it literally just fills in the shape you draw :slight_smile:

No restriction on colors (can be black and white or color or grayscale), or size. And topic is also open. To be honest, i think the challenge comes in trying to use the brush to create something in your own style :wink:

this is the brush:

Hmm…I just found the brush you mentioned. Very interesting choice. There is an almost randomness to the brush, like trying to learn to ride a bike. Once you got it, its easy but getting there is a bit of a battle. I’m still in the training wheels stage, but I’m up for the challenge. Might be an interesting outcome.

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I know - i’m finding it challenging as well - but that’s why i picked it - because you can’t use it like a normal brush, it requires some active thinking :grin:

I started a piece this morning, hopefully i can get back to it at some point and post something :crossed_fingers:

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