kynlo sketch 0908

i started with a scribble and ended up with … a bounty hunter questioning an Imp? :grimacing:

i think if i were to actually push this further, some wings or hands reaching up would be a good addition


this one would be a very nice painting! I’d love to see you finish it!

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I’ve started painting over it. I haven’t looked for reference yet, and in the processes of “finding” my image, i’ve redone the environment. It looks better, but there’s still something off about it - maybe there’s a repeating pattern or something. I’ll have to work that out and her as well before i move onto color - but i’m on my way to finishing it. Thanks @URAVERAGEBOI for the nudge to keep pushing this one :wink:


Your welcome!

Maybe you’re losing focus on the subject a bit? I think the initial sketch had more impact as the frame was closer to the subject and the perspective was lower.

Visually, I do quite like the feel of the open forest - it’s just a question of whether that framing best serves the story you’re trying to communicate?

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Why do I feel like I’m gona follow this like people follow tv series ?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It’s very possible. I already intended to make her larger, but until i put a little more effort into her, it will be hard to tell whether that will be enough to maintain the focus.

i think that’s what throws it off for me - it opens up the forest, but it doesn’t match her pose - so i’ve got some work ahead of me to put them back in line.

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First off, I really like the sketch and the painting.

I think it all depends on what you plan on doing with the forested space. You mentioned something about wings and hands. If she is central to the theme I would agree with @MangaTengu, unless the story is greater than her then it makes sense the way you started painting it. How’s that for a firm answer. :slight_smile:

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thanks to all who gave feed back!!!

next up, i’ve got to figure out some colors and start revising the actors :wink: