La-Der: docker to add layers in one click [paid]

La-Der, shortened layer adder. Is a handy flying docker that allows creating new layers of the following types within one click:

  • Paint Layer
  • Group Layer
  • Clone Layer
  • Vector Layer
  • Filter Layer
  • Fill Layer
  • File Layer

Expanded with Masks:

  • Transparency Mask
  • Filter Mask
  • Colorize Mask
  • Transform Mask
  • Local Selection

Added configuration. Configurations include:

  • Set docker to be vertical or horizontal
  • Set docker to be visible or not
  • Reset docker location
  • Set the docker to be extended or not (includes masks)

Available on La-Der : Krita by Yet Another Painter
Available on gumroad: La-Der : Krita


It would be better if you could include the masks.
Because it is layer-related, some extensions can be made:
I always wanted to create a new selection mask directly. Then use a brush to paint on it like sai’s “selection pen”. But now I can only use the rectangular selection to pull a small box to generate a mask… Just create a paint layer, fill it with black, and convert it into a selection mask. Global or local requires additional consideration.

In addition, I have an operation that simulates a “clipping mask”. Although developers are discussing the possibility of implementing it, there is a long way to go from being compatible with psd.

Duplicate the layer and hide the original layer
Convert to paintlayer (grouplayer, vector layer)/flatten layer (paintlayer)/Merge layers (multiple layers)

Basically the actions can be found in the dictionary. Because it is an ordinary mask, exporting to other software will not fail.


Interesting. I will consider expanding the plugin.
Though I did not want to make it the docker with 100 buttons on it.
I wanted it to be small and compact.

Maybe several dockers and the user can decided what to show and what not.

Thanks for feedback. I will definitely use it as a base for next update.

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I updated the plugin. Now you can add Masks with it too.
Also you can configure whether to show these buttons or not:


I just bought and used it, and now I have some feedback:

  1. Each icon is too big for me, it would be great if the size can be adjusted. Or add large, medium and small preset schemes separately
  2. Can docker be removed? I think it would be great if you can click this iconimage
    to call up the setting interface. Or divide it into upper and lower halves, one half is used for dragging, and the other half is clicked out of the setting interface
  3. colorize mask and transform mask should be able to automatically switch to the corresponding tool (maybe someone does not need it, add a corresponding setting?)
  4. Regarding the selection mask, it will turn the global selection into a local selection. If there is no selection, it is all selected. I feel that its practical significance is not very big…According to my idea, it creates a black selection mask when there is no selection, and then switches over. Then we can draw the selection (maybe it is better to switch the brush to white automatically)
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That can be implemented. Thanks, I will put it in the next update.

You can do it through a configuration window. Please enable La-Der docker via Settings - Dockers - La-Der and press Configure button.

There is a “Display” toggle.

Probably makes sense to call the menu through Right-Click action.

Good idea, though, this particular plugin intention was to let the artists just create new layers quickly.
Just to let you know.
I need to reconsider whether to activate other things or not.

Again the goal of the plugin is to make it easer to add things. I other words it takes away the irritation of clicking a little triangle icon and pick a menu to add certain thing.

In terms of activating certain tools and stuff. I am currently working on a much bigger plugin that will let you do all these things.


What I actually mean is that dockers with only one button are not needed. Or, “Extensions” can’t call up the setting window?

If there are the features I mentioned last time, I would be very happy. KnowZero said that activating the selection mask can simply do this

You can hide docker once you are done. The buttons (for adding new layers) will stay visible.
In other words you do not have to have the docker always be displayed to La-Der operating.

Putting the docker with only one button is more due to code structure. I might change it in the future.

Repeat last transform is a topic for a different plugin :slight_smile:
I guess this feature can be a part of YetAnotherPlugin (since it already a collection of different things)

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That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about creating a selection and then displaying a panel that looks like this:

It can be stroked, deformed, filled or otherwise manipulated with buttons after selection. We don’t need to use the right click, especially when holding a digital pen.Since it is triggered after activating the selection, I think it might be included in the plugin you mentioned.

Got it. That is definitely not about La-Der ))

Looks as if it can be a whole separate plugin to work with selections.
Is this a panel that already works or is it a UI mockup?
(I wonder where all these buttons are coming from)

This is one of my favorite designs in clipstudio paint

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just to report that I’m using nightly version and the settings docker is not being drawn for me.

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Thank you for using my plugin!

Let me see what I can do to fix it.

As a note. Even though all my plugins might work on other versions of Krita they are meant to be used with stable versions. At this moment it is 4.4.8.