Lag sound in animation

I create an animated music video and often when I click on play in the animation, the music jams and the frames of my animation outstrip the sound. For the same reason, I can’t start viewing the animation from the desired location - the sound always lags behind. How to fix this? And I can’t see the audio line on the timeline, is there such a feature in Krita?

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As mentioned here:
Adding audio to your animation may have a few bugs. It may be to consider adding the sound in a different program. It is a bit more complex, but it works without any bugs.


Note: This is just a suggestion, there might be a better way to add the audio.

It is definitely not a feature :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, if you use a .wav file instead of a .mp3 file, you may get improved playback synchronisation, especially when doing manual scrubbing.
This depends on the power/performance of your computer.