Landscape. Creepy Tower scene sandbox

Add something to the picture. A creature a character, whatever you feel like adding to the scene.

Have fun.

This is from an early version of one of my painting you might recognize:


Crap, I had an idea but it’s basically what your finished work looks like already x3. Still, do you have them in a bigger resolution? 1920x960 looks unussual small.

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Haha. No, but thats big enough for screen :slight_smile:

Not if you work on a 3840x2160 screen, like I do :3.

It’s a bit off topic, but do you normally work in a higher resolution and then shrink the image for the web or did you already start at that resolution?

Depends on the project and performance. I usually not working in 4k, 1920 or 3000 max. When I have lots of layers and 16bit it can hurt performance.

I love your landscapes! :smiley:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

- Here is my try at some collab stuff. I am fairly new to digital art and am sure this is probably not as ‘polished’ as it could probably be, but I think it gets the point across and keeps the ‘mood’ similar. I tried to get some color harmony and kind of struggled with refs that were not facing in the right direction. I ended up making models in Blender and Daz Studio and posing them like I wanted. I am happy with it. Any tips and comments are welcomed.


чучуть оживил )но тут нужно думать…)можно нарисовать лошадь слева…оставленную рыцарем.
И что ни будь на заднем плане)(еще думал сделать что то-типо Голлума справа снизу…за камнем)

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Впринципе мне очень понравилась…композиция…и воздушная перспектива )Могли бы вы меня научить нескольким приемам?

Can we keep this in english plz? :slight_smile:

slightly revived) but here you need to think …) you can draw a horse on the left … remaining a knight.
Gollum’s bottom right … behind the stone)
In principle, I really liked … the composition … and the aerial perspective)