Landscape. Mountains scene sandbox

I love this

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My take: Death from the right


Oh wow so nice! Nice small details added everywhere and I like the colors.

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Alien Ball Houses :alien:


I like your imagination, lol. This is wonderful

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That’s very cool! I like it

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Did this really quickly while at work after a co-worker asked what it would be like to combine all the images


@Khemardi really enjoyed.

It’s the apocalypse. Even has en extra golem. :smiley:

really fun to see how each user has a new view of the painting :open_mouth: Nice idea to combine 2 or more artists and see results as a game.

That is epic!! Good example of the sum is greater than the parts and why collaboration can be so fruitful.

Keep it up guys :slight_smile:

Who owns the copyright now :crazy_face:

Well, it’s an embodiment of share alike, I’d say.

Everyone, lol

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I really enjoyed this game. :smiley:
I find it fun and challenging.
We can think of having a session just to launch such collaborative challenges (if it doesn’t already exist, of course). What do you think?

Another thing is to download the work of someone who wants feedback and draw on to better exemplify feedback, observations and improvements, I don’t know if it’s practical here and it pleases everyone.

Let me know what you think about it.

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Don’t mind him, he’s just a little crabby


This is already happening in the artwork WIP section, when critique and redlining is requested.


Very cool. Love the little crabby :slight_smile:

Had to give it a try


That’s awesome idea and execution. Thanks for sharing!

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