Landscapes from nov/dec 2020

Here are some landscapes I made at the end of last year featuring my ocs :slight_smile:


I really, really like this, what brushes did you use?

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I mostly used “Chalk Details” and “Chalk Grainy” for these; I believe they are default Krita brushes


Thank you.

Such a nice piece.

Nice work!

How do you create things

What do you mean? If you have a question about how to use Krita I would create a topic or look through some already existing ones.
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks! But i mean, how do you start photoshopping cuz I came to the app like 3 hours ago and I have no clue how use this.

this is Krita, not Photoshop, I would recommend looking at some already existing topics with a similar question.

Love the desert one!
The second one is not very clear about the time of day, I think

the picture must have great journey
nice work!