Landscapes, speedpaintings


Are the clouds in bottom image from water color brushes? I think those brushes are perfect for the clouds

Yes right, the whole painting is with watercolor brushes :slight_smile:

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Yes @RamonM has done a brilliant job to prepare these brushes. We get wonderful results.


Wow, when I see these landscapes I have a good feeling. Thanks for using these brushes. Your skills make them even better :wink:

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Which bureau did you have to visit to obtain a permission for such a skill? ;0

It’s amazing, I love the dark vs light sky in the first one with colours that’s so … wow … I don’t even know… wow


I think Soma is the Bob Ross of digital landscape and fantasy art. All we need now is a Soma YouTube instructional channel.

If you dont know who Bob Ross is ,Google “PBS Bob Ross. paintings”

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Well Done!

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