Language Tags?

As we can see, there are people asking and answering questions in multiple languages: Información sobre Cintiq 16 Krita continues to draw even though I've lifted my pen

I think this is a good phenomenon, and it allows non-fluent English speakers to get support from developers more easily.

What could we further do:

Put the language of a thread into tags so that people can search for/filter out certain languages.

Probably put a link to some auto-translator to help people understand more easily.

I wonder whether this would be possible and does anyone have other suggestions?


Hi @tusooa,

The software already has locales which user can set or choose , The UI will be in their language, The system messages are also translated, so they may write post in their local language as well.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll check if something can be done, particularly the idea of giving a link to auto translate.

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Thank you!