Laptop for animation

I’m thinking of getting Acer Spin 5 (2020) for digital drawing and 2d animation. It has 8GB of RAM and a touchscreen. If anyone here has this laptop I need to know whether it is any good for animation.

With just 8 gigabytes of RAM you can run out of memory pretty quickly for lengthy animations. When you plan to use Windows as OS, 4 of your 8 GB will be used by Windows alone, leaving 4 to other applications. Depending how many applications you are running simultaneously, there won’t be much memory left for Krita to run properly. A web browser alone can take up multiple gigabytes of RAM, depending on the number of tabs open and the websites viewed.

I recommend having at least 16 GB with the option to upgrade if needed. (I sometimes hit the 16 GB mark with big Krita projects alone and no animation)

I don’t understand why some manufacturers still sell laptops with less RAM than a modern phone and which can barely run their OS.

And i looked it up, all models seem pretty weak on processing power too, with only about 1.1 GHz on 4 cores. I’m not an expert on modern CPU but that seems a bit weak for tasks that need a lot of processing power (like rendering animations). Some things could probably take a long time. The question really is how big are your animation going to be?

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