Large Icon Setting in Windows Issue

This is fairly off topic… I suppose. Normally I would think it was a feature request, but after reading bug report rules, it appears it is not.

On my desktop on Windows 10 Pro, I select large icons for the desktop and delete all icons that cannot do this. I don’t want to compare, that’s rather bad manners. Also, I did get the LIfetime Krita on Steam and the Windows Store version in support. I guess I should say I have been waiting for years for a large icon for Krita. (right click on the desktop, View > Large icons .

It’s not an error in the code. It’s not really a feature request. It’s only an icon. Only an icon.

I think I could break out in song I have been waiting so long.

Anyway… I know it doesn’t affect anything.


I’m not sure to understand where is the problem.
But if you want a big icon go here:

There’s a zip to download.
And in zip file you’ll find icons, from 16x16 to 1024x1024.

They’re in PNG format, so open them in Krita to export them as ICO and use it.

If it can help.


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What’s wrong with the icon? Do I understand correctly that you put the desktop on Windows in “Large icons” mode, and Krita’s icon is the only one that looks wrong? If so, can you please attach a screenshot? (You can mask other icons, no problem; but it would be good if you left at least one other icon, one that is good and “common” if you worry about privacy of what programs you have - I guess everyone has a Trash Icon or a My Computer :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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I don’t know much about Windows, but I think the shortcut is for Krita.exe file and it is not a proper shortcut. Can you make a new shortcut by dragging the Krita shortcut from the start menu to the desktop

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In my experience, this has been the same for all installations in Windows for Krita for years(I have had a very different experience on Fedora). Whether from Steam, Windows Store, or Krita’s website. It didn’t matter if it was created by the program on install or created as a link from the program.

Though in this case, Windows remembered my manual icon fix applied mentioned in the first reply, so I did the shortcut direct so the common effect would be seen.

Hello, i’ve activated large icon on desktop and if i drag krita from the start menu to the desktop, the shortcut icon is large…

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On my side, it doesn’t work; without applying the tip to get a big icon, I have the same result than @nooneimportant :man_shrugging:


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Krita is small when compared to other icons. I blurred this version to increase focus as tiar suggested.

(I deleted the prior post, and am hopeful the reply method works… though it’s possible tiar already saw this. I did manually fix this as Grum999 gave me the link with the icons to do this. It’s only that this is an issue with the Windows installation for many years now with Krita. I do have other programs with small/medium only icons, but they are very old.)